Ericsson HEVC encoding technology wins Fierce Innovation Award
By: Fergal Ringrose
Thursday, December 22, 2016 - 1:49 pm

Ericsson has announced that its E2E UHD Live Broadcast Ecosystem HEVC Card has won the award for Best Encoding and Transcoding Solution in the Pay-TV and Online Video category at this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards.

Recognised by a panel of global TV industry experts as one of the most innovative new solutions in the TV sector, the HEVC Card from Ericsson combines high-performance video compression technology with its market leading contribution encoder platforms, the AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder and AVP 3000 Voyager. The solution removes the need for complex AVC quadrant based UHDTV contribution and enables up to 40 percent bandwidth savings for TV service providers. The card also drives greater network efficiencies, as it only requires the use of one encoder and receiver to deliver optimal picture quality.

In addition to winning the award, Ericsson was also selected as a Finalist for the same category for its Media First Video Processing offering. This suite of video processing solutions simplifies delivery and enables Pay-TV customers to deliver services faster to market.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding higher quality content, and the market needs innovative technology solutions that can support the delivery of this,” said Giles Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Business Unit Media, Ericsson. Wilson adds: “We believe our HEVC Card offers a much-needed solution and are proud for this to be recognised by this Fierce Award. With UHD standards constantly evolving, the HEVC card will play a crucial role in enabling media companies to build on its processing power and resources to support future high dynamic range and wider color gamut.”

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