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Get it in the mixer! How to achieve better audio immersivity through object manipulation

In this session, we discuss how to achieve a convincing immersive sound experience by properly manipulating sound objects. Speakers address such topics as: what techniques and methods apply from the world of stereo and surround sound, how these techniques and methods differ, and what’s clearer for the listener with object-based immersive mixing.

Match footage has been pixelated due to copyright restraints.




Taking the lead: Remote production, augmented stadium sound and broadcast audio in the ‘New Normal’

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on all aspects of sports television production, both directly and indirectly, forcing the accelerated adoption of workflows and asking difficult questions of broadcasters and producers alike. In this session, we will look at some of those challenges and how they have been overcome, including looking in detail at the ‘virtual crowd’ concept that has been applied to the Premier League, Bundesliga and Champions League.



Next-generation audio in the European market: the state of play

This session reviews the status of next-generation audio deployment in Europe, and considers the progress being made to enable new personalised and immersive audio experiences. Developments in open formats for content production such as serial ADM, the professional audio metadata format, feature while the industry’s efforts to implement user controls for personalisation is also discussed. The session will be followed by an audience Q&A.