Blonder Tongue, Zixi Team Up on New LiveCast Encoder

Blonder Tongue (Booth SU6524) and Zixi (Booth SU10802) have created a broadcast-quality encoder that allows broadcasters, sports networks, and service providers to use public Internet networks deliver studio-quality video reliably and securely over IP.

The Blonder Tongue LiveCast encoder leverages the Zixi software-development kit (SDK) to integrate the Zixi Feeder inside the Blonder Tongue LiveCast encoder, offering a cost-effective, proven, secure, reliable method for delivering live content over standard Internet connections. The LiveCast encoder locally encodes a live stream from a serial digital interface (SDI) source used in professional video. The output is a high-quality H.264 HD or SD stream encapsulated in the Zixi transport protocol and sent over the public Internet to a cloud-based video-media server or service provider for processing into the multiscreen workflow.

Zixi incorporates a reliable UDP-based protocol providing powerful content-aware bandwidth optimization, error correction, packet-loss recovery, and clock sync technologies to ensure pristine broadcast-video delivery over unmanaged IP connections. The combination of Blonder Tongue’s broadcast-quality encoding engine and Zixi’s video-optimized protocol allows the public Internet to be used for reliable contribution from anywhere. The architecture offers significant cost saving over traditional methods — including satellite, fiber, or dedicated bandwidth leased from third-party providers — while expanding the ability to deliver content from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

“Many of our customer’s applications are not connected via a private network, whether it be for university distance learning, backhauling live sporting events, or streaming,” says Jeff Smith, VP, sales, Blonder Tongue. “With the help of the Zixi broadcaster, the capability to connect via the public Internet opens up all kinds of possibilities.”

Says Zixi Product Manager Omer Peled, “We are excited to be adding Blonder Tongue to the Zixi EcoZystem of partners. Blonder Tongue specializes in both enterprise and commercial applications like hospitality, schools, prisons, hospitals, etc. The LiveCast encoder benefits our combined customers and gives users a wide variety of options for delivering broadcast-quality video supporting a broad range of workflows.”

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