Calibre, Imagine Communications To Debut MEMC Converter With Dolby E processing

British image-processing specialist Calibre (Booth N3712) and its global distributor Imagine Communications (Booth N2702) will introduce Calibre’s Fovea-F1 broadcast-grade motion-estimated and -compensated standards (MEMC) converter, which is now available with optional Dolby E audio–frame-rate conversion for premium frame-rate–conversion applications.

“Video–frame-rate conversion of content with embedded Dolby E audio requires special Dolby E audio–frame-rate conversion, unlike PCM, which is relatively simple for a video–frame-rate converter to handle,” explains Calibre Chairman/CEO Tim Brooksbank. “This is because Dolby E audio is frame-accurate, so it’s essential to ensure the audio is frame-rate–converted as well as the video so that new video-accurate audio frames are generated. The new Dolby E option for Fovea-F1 adds this capability, which is usually found only on much higher-priced MEMC frame-rate converters.”

Calibre’s Dolby E Option adds 16-channel audio handling and Dolby E audio–frame-rate conversion to Fovea-F1. A factory-fit option, it can also be retrofitted to existing Fovea-F1 MEMC frame-rate converters.

In its NAB Show debut, the Fovea-F1 will also be exhibited at the Imagine Communications booth. Imagine Communications distributes Fovea-F1 globally through its worldwide sales channels either as a standalone product or as part of an integrated infrastructure.

Says Randy Conrod, product manager, digital products, Imagine Communications, “In support of our global sales and marketing for Fovea-F1, we will be demonstrating this competitive and effective MEMC frame-rate conversion solution with in-depth technical presentations located adjacent to our stand at the Calibre booth.”

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