GemStone Media Uses AJT Systems’ LiveBook GFX Scorebug System

AJT Systems’ develops software and hardware solutions for the broadcast graphics industry. Their products are used in a variety of applications, including news tickers, weather, and election coverage. AJT has become a leader in live sports broadcasting with over 4000 live events a year. They also have over 300 systems on air 24/7/365, and offer the most dynamic and revolutionary rendering technology, such as the LiveBook GFX (which was the first high quality scorebug system available in a lap top form factor).

AJT developed the LiveBook GFX after working closely with clients in the sports broadcast industry – identifying three common problems faced by broadcasters:

  • Available scorebug applications were not very user friendly, necessitating operator training and having high potential for mistakes to go to air.
  • Broadcast facilities or trucks were cramped.
  • Available portable scorebug systems either did not have the professional look the network needed or were loaded with bloated software causing them to be bloated in price as well.

GemStone Media broadcasting with the LiveBook GFX

AJT Systems developed a solution for these issues by releasing the LiveBook GFX. The LiveBook GFX is not only the first high end scorebug in a laptop form factor, but is also reasonably priced. This solution has gained much attention from broadcasters at all levels, such as GemStone Media, Inc. With over 50+ years of professional television production knowledge and skills, Gemstone Media prides itself on being able to handle virtually any project requiring the highest of quality at a reasonable cost.

“The LiveBook GFX has been a big hit with broadcasters who want a high end ESPN-like look,” says AJT Systems’ President, Ron Linares. “And its great working with clients like GemStone Media who embrace the product and work with us as partners, delivering feedback and feature requests that assure we continue developing the latest, greatest technology.”

When GemStone Media was first introduced to the LiveBook GFX, they were quick to note the advantages of using the LiveBook GFX in their production environment.

“Because we do a variety of sports television productions, when we were introduced to the LiveBook GFX we knew this product was a great means of reducing our operating cost while maintaining high presentation quality for our clients,” says Mr. George Birnbaum, VP/Co-Owner Gemstone Media Inc.

Beyond the need for high end graphics at a reasonable price, the sport-specific SportApp application that is loaded on the LiveBook GFX also has category-leading ease of use. The UI was designed to be very intuitive, the sport-specific applications make navigating graphics simple, and preloaded leagues mean the operator does not need to know league rules for clocks, timeouts, etc – the system has those rules programmed right into the software. The system also ships with AJT Systems’ Camino template editing software, allowing their clients to rebrand, reskin, or completely change the look of the graphics.

AJT Systems will be unveiling its highly anticipated 3rd generation LiveBook GFX at NAB 2015. This next gen LiveBook GFX will be demonstrated at AJT’s Booth# SL15510 in the South Lower Hall with a variety of SportApps, including Basketball w/ Statistics Plug-In, Soccer, and Football. Integration with the Tricaster via IP and StatCrew game data will be on display during the live Demo. Additional new features include a Go-To-Break graphic, Clock-DVE, Sport-Specific Remote SportApp capabilities, and a customizable generic scorebug for broadcasting a multitude of sports. Be sure to go by their booth for a live demo of this unique scorebug solution.

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