IMT Unveils ENG Transmitter Platform, Triple Play Receiver

Integrated Microwave Technologies (Booth N3922) is demonstrating its new Nucomm VT8 HD/SD ENG-van transmitter and Nucomm Triple Play Receiver.

The Nucomm VT8 is an ENG/SNG/OB platform capable of using multiple communication conduits: microwave, IP, satellite, private and public cellular networks A third-generation, high-power ENG/SNG-vehicle transmitter, it incorporates new features with aspects of the legacy VT2 and VT7 models. It is a two-box solution, comprising a 1RU control unit and an RF head. The modular control unit can be configured for nearly any demanding ENG-transmitter application.

The VT8 platform extends simple-to use predecessor VT7 to include features found in its Messenger file-transfer IP gateway, ProQ IFB product. Additionally, it supports multiple IP connectivity options, including IP, satellite, and bonded cellular.

“The VT8’s modular design and reliability, combined with its radically different user-friendly interface, make this latest van transmitter the best choice for broadcast HD ENG applications,” says IMT CTO John Payne IV.

The VT8’s modular design makes it easy for users to configure each unit to specific needs.

The control unit features dual high-resolution LCD displays for all system functions: one for status, alarms, and video, the other for control functions. The front panel also features “Quick Keys,” allowing fast access to important features without menu navigation. An integrated live-video monitor is used for confidence monitoring. Additionally, the VT8 is equipped with HDMI multiviewer output \to extend monitoring.

Single-band operation is available in 2-, 7- or 13-GHz bands. Dual- and tri-band models using a single RF head are also available. Other frequency bands are available from 1.5 to 15.4 GHz.

Three Receivers in 1RU
The Nucomm Triple Play Receiver’s chassis houses up to three receivers within a single rack-mount unit, allowing simultaneous reception from up to three wireless camera transmitters. It is a dual-diversity COFDM receiver that uses two-way maximum ratio combining technology to enable support of line-of-sight as well as non–line-of-sight applications. A companion to IMT’s Nucomm microLite transmitter, it is compatible with any MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transmitter. To simplify deployment, it is conveniently housed in a single 1RU chassis, eliminating the need for separately mounted receivers. Further system simplification is achieved by eliminating complicated external antenna splitters and BDCs.

“The Triple Play Receiver reduces the equipment footprint for broadcasters and ENG crews,” says Payne. “Since the Triple Play Receiver works with multiple transmitters from various vendors, it further reinforces IMT’s commitment to providing the industry with cutting-edge solutions compatible with its legacy equipment.”

Each receiver has a built-in HD/SD video/audio decoder, ASI output and video-over-IP, making it flexible for ASI repeater applications, local monitoring, and IP controls. The unit can be powered via AC and includes remote control with Ethernet. The Triple Play Receiver has a variable bandwidth from the 1.25 to 8 MHz bands and features a high-dynamic-range super heterodyne architecture and preselect band-pass filters for high adjacent-channel selectivity.

Designed at the request of multiple customers, the unit requires minimal setup and comes with an easy-to-use local-user interface. Each receiver has an independent control panel, further simplifying its control. In addition, users can access all three channel outputs individually from the unit’s back panel.

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