Integrated Microwave Technologies To Intro Nucomm Dropcam, DR3 Diversity Receiver

Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), a leader in advanced digital microwave systems serving the Broadcast, Sports & Entertainment and MAG (Military, Aerospace & Government) markets, introduces its Nucomm DR3 diversity receiver and Nucomm Dropcam at NAB 2015 (Booth N3922).

Nucomm DR3 Receiver
The Nucomm DR3 is a third-generation diversity receiver incorporating many of the same powerful features as Nucomm’s popular DR1 and DR2 receivers, along with additional functionalities, including six-way MaxRC diversity, IP diversity, MPEG3/4 decoding, a WebPage interface and integration into IP networks. Ideal for the most demanding central-receive and portable applications, it is the first receiver to offer a built-in IP diversity switch. It is designed to work with Nucomm’s new High Dynamic Range Block Down Converters (HDRBDC), which automatically compensate for cable loss. Highly modular and scalable, the DR3 allows users to daisy chain up to eight receivers to share the same set of antennas. Each DR3 acts as a redundancy to the HDRBDC, ensuring high reliability.

“IMT’s commitment to providing the industry with state-of-the-art digital microwave systems has never been stronger, and we are excited to introduce the Nucomm DR3 at NAB 2015,” says John Payne IV, CTO, Integrated Microwave Technologies. “The DR3 is our next-generation receiver, featuring new functionality and usability. With built-in IP capabilities, the DR3 receiver is modular so it allows broadcasters to scale and grow into the system. This is an important factor in making future-proof equipment decisions.”

In many applications, a single receiver may not be able to cover an intended area. The DR3 has an integrated IP diversity switch directly in the receiver. This feature is referred to as eLink. With eLink users can connect up to three additional remotely located receivers via Ethernet to the DR3. The remote receivers are fully coordinated by the DR3. No operator intervention is required to ensure that the best possible video is available. eLink coordinates all the remote receivers to tune to the same frequency and modulation parameters. Additionally, metadata from each receiver is displayed on the front panel of the DR3 and WebPage.

The DR3 receiver is configured with six diversity COFDM demodulators using maximum-ratio combining (MaxRC), which significantly improves the robustness of higher-data-rate COFDM modulation. Spatial diversity increases system performance by digitally combining signals with different characteristics, essentially filling in the gaps in the channel, providing improved path reliability. The built-in spectrum analyzer instantly analyzes the selected channel, and can be used to minimize multi-path or determine if the channel is clear from interference.

The DR3 is available in 1.25, 2.5, 6, 7 and 8MHz bandwidths, allowing for 1 to 31 Mbps data rates. It is configured with an internal low-latency, multi-format H.264/MPEG2 HD/SD monitoring decoder. A legacy DVB-ASI output, which can be fed to an external decoder, is also available.

The DR3 control panel uses a five-inch capacitive color LCD touchscreen for easy navigation through the menu system. Spectrum monitoring of all six antennas is viewable directly on the front panel. Detailed information such as receive signal level and MER of each antenna, system level BER and decoder statistics, are available. Remote control is facilitated via Ethernet. When using Ethernet IP interconnects, the DR3 takes advantage of eLink technology, coordinating all the remote receivers and displaying consolidated statistics.

Nucomm Dropcam
Also new at the showfor IMT will be the Nucomm Dropcam, a Live-Action Point-of-View Transmitter with Camera.

unnamedThe Nucomm Dropcam is a self-contained, small, ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) transmitter with assorted adapter modules. The Dropcam has an integrated battery enabling three hours of unattended transmission. This convenient package makes it the ideal camera transmitter to capture point-of-view video for sporting events, reality television, hidden-camera applications and many other broadcast uses requiring unique and dynamic camera angles.

“We are excited to bring several innovative new products to this year’s NAB show, including our new Live Action Point-of-View Transmitter with Camera, as it is a testament to how our products continue to evolve with the changing needs of the broadcast industry,” says Payne. “New technologies and equipment, such as the Dropcam, give broadcasters the tools needed to provide its viewers with an all-access, inside look into major events happening across the globe.”

The Dropcam comes standard with an HD-SDI adapter module. The module enables small, remotely mounted HD cameras to be interfaced directly to the Dropcam without additional batteries. Addition modules are available including an integrated Swivel Camera HD Module, which combines a low-light camera with a high dynamic range microphone. Operators can manually rotate the swivel camera head 180 degrees. The Dropcam also features an assortment of removable sensor modules depending on the users’ specific application and need.

Offering exceptional RF performance and durability, the Dropcam combines true ease of operation and superb H.264 high-profile encoding. It uses COFDM digital RF transmission, enabling superior non-line-of-sight performance in buildings, sports venues and urban environments. This level of performance is unattainable with conventional analog or 802.11(Wi-Fi) products.

The Dropcam may be optionally fitted with an internal edge video recorder, which records audio and video onto an internal memory for off-line analysis. Users can download the recorded video over a USB connection to any computer.

The Nucomm Dropcam’s integrated battery can power the transmitter for more than three hours, and can be recharged using the AC adaptor provided in the kit. It is also capable of AES encryption, making it ideal for high-profile live sports broadcast applications.

The video from Dropcam can be received on any MPEG-4 capable handheld receiver, receive sites or broadcast trucks. IMT’s two-way diversity handheld receivers, such as Direct VU or the new compact Nucomm Mini Viewer, are ideal for video assist and video streaming with the Dropcam. NAB 2015 visitors can see the full portfolio of IMT receivers on IMT’s Booth N3922.

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