LTN Introduces Live IP Transmission, Encoding, Decoding in One Package

LTN Global Communications (Ren Exhibitor – A) has launched the LTN Leaf, a 1RU device with embedded functionality to encode/decode as well as transmit and receive SD or HD live video. For point-to-point contribution or multipoint distribution, full-time or occasional feed, primary or return feed, LTN’s fully managed Global IP Network along with the LTN Leaf delivers live video where users want it and when and exactly how they want to receive it.

The pressure for broadcasters, networks, studios, and enterprise clients to find a broadcast-quality live video-transmission solution that offers reliability, low latency, convenience, and global reach has been a challenge.

“We have listened to our clients’ requests to include an encoder and decoder as well as an IP transmission solution embedded into one cost-effective package,” says LTN Executive Chairman Malik Khan. ‘We have met and exceeded that goal by offering the LTN Leaf with multiple configuration options. The LTN Leaf gives our customers the power to transmit and/or receive live video anywhere in the world.”

The space-saving and energy-efficient LTN Leaf and LTN Global IP Network provide a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable solution for live video transmission while maintaining 99.999% reliability and low latency. The LTN Leaf is also compatible with any third-party MPEG-transport-stream–compliant encoder and decoder.

The LTN Leaf is delivered pre-engineered with a plug-and-play setup, enabling access to the LTN Global IP Network via an Internet connection. Connecting to the highly reliable network for full-time contribution and distribution is simple and fast. The LTN Network manages and controls video flows from origination to destination and delivers high-quality and reliable service with built-in redundancy. There is no need to worry whether your signal reaches its destination in its entirety and without packet loss.

“Unlike an unmanaged service,” says Khan, “the LTN Network can dynamically reroute traffic to avoid congested paths, as well as correct for up to 10% packet loss on the last-mile Internet connection. With diverse Internet paths on the last mile, LTN provides active redundancy and switches seamlessly and automatically from one provider to the other, whenever a threshold of loss is exceeded on the primary path.”

LTN’s live 24×7 support continuously manages and observes every transmit and receive signal on the LTN Network. Additionally, the customer can monitor signal status via the Web-based LTN monitoring portal.

Connecting globally to news, sports, station, and headend networks as well as to switching hubs, teleports, and live-shot studios is as simple as logging in to the LTN online booking portal via any device with an Internet connection to schedule a feed.

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