Masstech Advances MAM With New Software Version

Masstech Group (Booth N5506) is showcasing innovative advances in media-asset management, with demonstrations of version 8.0 of its MassStore engine, the technology foundation powering the company’s Masstech for Enterprise and Masstech for News solutions. Version 8.0 is designed to make it easier, faster, and more efficient for media enterprises of any size to access, archive, move, and manage their content while unlocking the full potential of their media assets.

A completely redesigned, browser-based interface enables both video — including 4K/UHD content — and non-video assets, such as documents, images, and other file types to be managed consistently and easily. Version 8.0 lets users manage their content from any device — desktop, tablet, or phone — enabling control of their assets from anywhere at any time.

A simple, Web-like search interface lets users perform standard keyword searches or advanced searches for precise results. Search terms are matched not only across field-based metadata, markers, and segments, but also against unstructured metadata, such as related documents, closed captions, and XML attachments — increasing the completeness and relevance of results. And the search engine returns these results more quickly than ever, maximizing productivity.

MassStore 8.0 features enhanced tools for viewing and editing structured metadata and attaching unstructured data, such as text documents and PDFs. New embedded, frame-accurate playback, logging, and storyboarding capabilities let users view and work with video within the same consistent user interface. Searchable markers can be added to complement field-based asset metadata, and segments from one or more assets can be defined and collected for partial restoration from archives, storyboard-based edit-decision–list (EDL) creation, or segmentation for automation systems.

Other enhancements in version 8.0 include browsing of multiple archive and storage locations, enhanced job-status monitoring, customizable report generation, and LDAP integration to streamline and reinforce security.

“Our solutions have long been enabling efficient, automated workflows for top-tier media enterprises, integrating behind the scenes with their key production and distribution systems to streamline operations and maximize the value of their content,” says Savva Mueller, director/GM, Enterprise Division. “With version 8.0, we’ve harnessed these capabilities in an intuitive interface that makes assets even easier to manage, helping users get more done in less time while continuing to shield them from complexity.”

Slated for second-quarter release, version 8.0 will be available for users of both recent Masstech solutions and earlier products, including Topaz, Emerald, and CatchBlue.

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