NetApp to Feature Latest Storage Solutions

In the past year, NetApp has installed over 300 petabytes of storage capacity and integrated with over 100 media applications in broadcast facilities, studios, cable groups, and Internet media sites.

NetAppNetApp storage solutions can improve an operation’s competitiveness across production, management, delivery, and transaction workflows. The company’s recent advances in flash integration, video bandwidth, and data mobility can allow better media life cycle management, HD/4K production, viewer analytics, data security, and cloud transition strategies. At the 2015 NAB Show, NetApp will showcase its latest storage innovations for the media industry including clustered scale-out NAS storage, extreme high-capacity video production storage, and the company’s next-generation object store.

NetApp Featured Products at the 2015 NAB Show:

Clustered Data ONTAP With FAS8000 Series
The NetApp clustered Data ONTAP operating system running on the company’s new FAS8000 Series of enterprise storage systems is quickly becoming the world’s best-selling scale-out NAS storage solution. The FAS8000 Series drastically improves video bandwidth and provides always-on operations for local broadcast news operations, advertising sales, animation and VFX rendering, and high-speed transcoding for digital platforms. Data ONTAP can enable data mobility between private and public clouds, and its disaster recovery software can improve overall data management strategies.

E5600 Series of SAN Storage Systems
The NetApp E-Series of high-performance SAN storage is engineered for extreme video bandwidth and maximum storage capacity per rack unit. Large broadcast production workgroups, huge content repositories, and boutique 4K facilities, where no dropped frames can be tolerated, all rely on NetApp E-series, the only production storage platform with 99.999% reliability. Dynamic disk pools dramatically reduce disk rebuild time, improve performance during rebuilds, and eliminate the need for hot or cold spares. Use of flash in hybrid arrays optimizes support for ancillary transcoding and rendering workflows.

New StorageGRID Webscale
At the 2015 NAB Show, NetApp will feature its new StorageGRID Webscale (appliance or software-defined) object storage solution for managing media repositories across time and space. StorageGRID Webscale is a next-generation solution for multipetabyte distributed content repositories. It provides erasure coding or, alternatively, automatic file copies to remote locations depending on the value of the media and the needs of the workflow. StorageGRID Webscale’s metadata-driven information life cycle management software suite is more advanced than most object stores. Additional features include self-healing data protection and tiering to either cloud or tape.

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