PRG Purchases 58 More FUJINON Lenses for New Grass Valley LDX80 Cameras

As part of the company’s overall expansion of video touring production services, Production Resource Group LLC (PRG) recently purchased 58 additional FUJINON lenses for use on its newly acquired Grass Valley LDX80 Première cameras. PRG Nocturne, the largest non-broadcasting purchaser of FUJINON lenses, has selected only FUJINON lenses since the company’s inception in 1981. They have over 200 FUJINON 2/3-inch field lenses, HD ENG-style, and 2/3-inch HD robotic camera lenses in their extensive inventory.

unnamed(7)As part of PRG’s recent acquisition of over $50 million in new equipment for its recently rebranded PRG Music Group, the company placed orders for 21 FUJINON XA99X8.4BESM ultra-wide field production lenses, 27 ZA17x7.6 BERM ENG-Style lenses, and 10 ZA12x4.5BERM wide-angle remote control lenses to service its continually expanding touring production business. PRG Music Group focuses on providing integrated video and lighting solutions for worldwide tours, festivals, concerts, and corporate events.

Mickey Curbishley, CEO of the PRG Music Group, stated, “We’re making this initial investment of over $50 million in new, state-of-the-art video technology to ensure that PRG Nocturne clients in the concert touring, film, TV, and corporate events markets will continue to have access to the finest equipment available. We are pleased to include a significant purchase of FUJINON lenses in that investment and are proud to have such an excellent working relationship with FUJINON. This ongoing relationship is an important part of why we are able to offer excellent images to our clients.”

unnamed(8)According to David Lemmink, General Manager and Director of Engineering of PRG Nocturne, the customer support they’ve enjoyed along with the FUJINON’s state-of-the-art optics have kept PRG Nocturne confident they are offering their clients the highest quality imaging technology available: “Fujifilm produces the most exceptional products in the industry, but they also provide unparalleled support. When we’re on a global tour with the biggest acts around, from Bon Jovi to The Rolling Stones, to Paul McCartney, they can’t stop in the middle of a show and neither can we. FUJINON has never failed to satisfy our desire to provide the best video imagery for the biggest names in entertainment.”

Several PRG executives singled out their sales contact, Chuck Lee, Technology Manager, for the Optical Division of FUJIFILM North America Corporation, as someone who provides them with unmatched customer support and ensures they’re always able to perform at the highest level. “Throughout our long history with Fujifilm, Chuck’s always been there for us, making sure the lenses are performing exceptionally and putting forth the extra effort it takes to see that our clients receive the best possible video imaging from us,” said Lemmink. “His above-and-beyond care about what we do and the quality of our work and FUJINON’s superior lens technology are two of the biggest factors in maintaining our long-term, exclusive relationship.”

Having invented IMAG (Image Magnification) for concert touring over 30 years ago when working with the band Journey, PRG Nocturne knows how to deliver a great IMAG experience for touring musical acts and corporate events. The long zoom range and rock solid image stabilization features of FUJINON lenses are critical in producing pristine IMAG video for live events. “Our FUJINON lenses allow us to show the audience an up close and personal view from any seat in the arena or stadium,” continued Lemmink. “I personally believe the combination of Grass Valley cameras with FUJINON lenses represents the best in the industry. It gives us superior imaging combined with top-of-the-line lens technology.”

The newly purchased FUJINON lenses will be part of PRG Nocturne’s 10 new HD Flypacks equipped with Grass Valley LDX Première advanced imaging cameras and Karrera K-Frame S-series switchers. The next XA99X8.4BESM ultra-wide lenses will be delivered at the end of April, in time for U2’s next tour that begins in May in Vancouver. PRG will have a total of four XA99x’s on the upcoming U2 worldwide tour.

PRG Nocturne’s HD Flypacks have been used so far for video projection and production duties for The Rolling Stones, Maroon 5, Paul McCartney, the Eagles, The Script, and many other major tours.

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