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Following on: Sky Sports sends The Hundred into the Aether

With less than 100 days until the newest format of cricket makes its debut, it is now time to get to grips with the Americanised version of the 300-year-old sport. While cricket fans do love a stat, arguably the broadcast presentation of the match needs as much of a shake up as the hallowed rules […]  More

Parallel Ads boosts revenue options for The FA Cup Final overseas

Dynamic advertising solution Parallel Ads will be a feature of the FA Cup Final broadcast this weekend, just as it was for the semi-finals. It’s a high-profile application which technology inventor Appario Global Solutions (AGS) hopes will be a launchpad for even wider adoption. “What we are doing with the FA will build trust of […]  More

Logistical challenge: FA Cup heroics from CTV OB and Gravity Media

The FA Cup Third Round is a traditional curtain-raiser to the New Year when the plucky David’s of lower and non-league English football get to battle against the superstar Goliath’s of the Championship and English Premier League, usually on mud, in mist and against the odds. Over the weekend 9 to 11 January, all 32 […]  More

Timeline TV transitions Meydan Racecourse to remote controlled workflow

Timeline Television has been working alongside Racing TV and its parent company Racing Media Group (RMG) for the past five years to provide host broadcast coverage of the Meydan horse racing season. Timeline facilities and crew support RMG’s host production, course coverage and client broadcasters’ needs in delivering the event – which culminates in the […]  More

Forced innovation and rapid change: John Honeycutt on the new era of sports broadcasting

“Televised sports have changed more in the last six months than they have ever done before,” declares John Honeycutt. “Rule changes, presentation changes and physical environment changes have been forced on teams and broadcasters on a scale never seen before. The fundamental question going forward is how does the product morph as a result of […]  More

BT Sport discusses creative benefits of remote production over 5G

BT Sport bagged another ‘world first’ at IBC last week by successfully demonstrating 5G-enabled multi-location live remote production — but the application throws up as many questions as it does opportunities. The advantages of remote production – reduction in cost, better work-life balance for employees, reduced carbon footprint and the ability to produce more games […]  More

From stadium to sofa: Augmenting the @venue fan experience

Having neglected the enjoyment for fans of the full digital experience at live sports events, broadcasters and stadium owners have begun addressing the gap with new technology that improves connectivity at venues. Not only will this enable fans to interact during games, but also to entice them from their living rooms by offering improved ticket […]  More