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LiveU unveils plans to equip all motor racing cars with mobile TX units

As Griiip’s start-up motorsport series G1 prepares to race its first full season, LiveU has revealed ambitious plans to outfit not just G1 series vehicles with its video transmission units but the race cars of every motorsport. “We’d like to have every G1 series car manufactured by Griiip to have a LiveU installed at the […]  More

Griiip strikes first broadcast deal for disruptive race car series

Many observers believed Formula 1 was overdue for broadcast re-invention when Liberty Media took it over a couple of years back but Griiip, the start-up behind fledging motorsport series G1, aims to show that the apex of the sport has stalled on the grid. Initiatives of the new G1 Series, which begins in early April, […]  More

EBU tech innovation chief Arcidiacono: PSBs need to join forces

At a time when the UK moves ever closer to parting company with the European Union, broadcasters across the continent are being urged to work more closely together than ever before. “I fervently believe that the only way public service broadcasters can continue to stay relevant in an era of rapid technology change is to […]  More

MTGx: “Gamers used to be nerds. Now they are rock stars”

eSports has evolved beyond the realm of niche entertainment and cemented itself into the mainstream. What took it so long? “Digital gameplay is already more popular as entertainment than music or print and it will soon overtake film,” claimed Arnd Benninghoff, CEO of eSports and gaming group MTGx in a keynote to IBC’s eSports conference […]  More

No more heavy metal as Sony spins up Virtual Live Production as a service

The move to the cloud goes hand in hand with reducing reliance on the ‘heavy metal’ of at-the-venue hardware. More and more traditional machinery is being turned into software apps to run on generic computers for access over the web. For example, complex, powerful and often expensive hardware has been at the core of live […]  More

Is AI ready for its primetime sports production closeup?

Much is being made of the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to dramatically scale up live sports production. However, caution is being urged by the very vendors developing AI workflows. “Sports rights holders and broadcasters hear about AI everywhere but they don’t have a clue how much it will cost them or how […]  More

BBC claims to solve live HDR production puzzle

The BBC says it has found the answer to one of the problems bedevilling the industry’s transition to live HDR production — that of not compromising the standard dynamic range signal. It has developed a means of ensuring that the SDR content derived from an HDR workflow is consistent in terms of colour and light […]  More