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SVGE Analysis: IP live production power grab and the aims of AIMS

Despite vocal efforts to avoid launching the new era of IP based television as a minefield of proprietary and inoperable systems, broadcast manufacturers seem to be doing just that. There are already several transport protocols, with overlapping and competitive components, which are in danger of creating customer confusion, or worse, leading them up a blind […]  More

Technicolor and Philips fuse HDR development as ‘full fat’ UHD HDR specs emerge

The number of High Dynamic Range solutions may have reduced but agreement on a single agreed standard may be further away following an announcement by Technicolor and Philips to marry their respective HDR technologies. The two companies say they will work to produce a joint approach to HDR content creation tools, encoding and decoding software […]  More

SVGE Analysis: Virtual Reality brings the infinite seat closer to home

The possibility of an ‘infinite seat’ that a club, league or rights holder could sell any number of times has to be the holy grail of sports monetisation and Virtual Reality could be the answer. Next year is a watershed year for the nascent medium. Oculus launches its first consumer-ready headset in Q1, ahead of […]  More

SVGE Analysis: Exploring the options for live HDR broadcast

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is suddenly all the rage. By expanding the ratio between the lightest and darkest parts of the video image, live event broadcasters see it as an essential improvement in the viewing experience for Ultra HD. BT Sports, for example, which launched its UHD sports channel in the rec.709 colour space, has […]  More

RWC2015: Akamai prepares for 500m+ primetime viewers

Hundreds of live events pass over Akamai’s content delivery network each year, so in many ways the Rugby World Cup (RWC) Opening Ceremony at Twickenham was just so much routine. The company is delivering the live streams of the RWC for a number of broadcasters including ITV (ITV handles the encoding at Grays Inn Road […]  More

SVG Europe Analysis: LiveLike promises sports virtual reality from a GoPro

Virtual reality promises to place viewers in the best seat in the house at live sports events but most emergent solutions require placement of a bulky, expensive multi-headed rig and use of bespoke picture-stitching software and streaming algorithms. Not so LiveLike, a San Francisco-based start-up which launched in May with a social sports viewing app […]  More

SVGE Analysis: ITN to disrupt production sector with Football League deal

ITN Productions’ managing director claims it is “a disruptive player looking to freshen up the sector through workflow and innovation” as it arrives in the big league of sports production. The creative arm of the UK’s well-established news content provider has ambitious plans to grow in the sports production market having landed its first major […]  More