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FCC denies wireless-microphone makers’ plea for vacant spectrum availability

In an Order on Reconsideration issued on 11 May, the Federal Communications Commission denied a request from microphone-systems manufacturers Sennheiser and Shure to sustain a vacant channel in the TV bands reserved for wireless-microphone use. That channel was part of the FCC’s landmark 2015 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking intended to outline the post-auction landscape for […]  More

MLB and ESPN take player-miking to a new level

Baseball players are just plain chatty. Perhaps it’s the relatively slow pace of the game, or maybe the pitcher is in a groove, and three outfielders find themselves a bit bored by the third inning. In any event, that’s working in ESPN’s favour this season: the broadcaster is wiring athletes for sound at a new […]  More

Lawo’s Johan Boqvist looks at sports radio’s next century

Radio was broadcast sports’ first electronic medium, and, a little more than 100 years since the first announcers crackled over the airwaves, radio remains a leading media format for sports. It’s also where broadcast audio gets to stretch out, offering more detail and nuance. And a lot more yelling. SVG sat down with Johan Boqvist, […]  More

Olympics audio: A Herculean task for the classic games

On the podcast Transformed by Tech: How The Olympics Stay Cutting Edge, produced by The Podium for NBC Olympics, Karl Malone, director of sound design at NBC Universal, discussed how the Games’ sound is collected, produced and processed, transported and ultimately consumed by the broadcast audience for the XXXII Summer Olympics (23 July-8 August 2021 […]  More

Bose Professional provides bespoke audio for Royal Ascot 2021

It’s Downton Abbey meets the Kentucky Derby. Royal Ascot is UK horseracing’s most auspicious event: five days (15-19 June 2021) of pomp, circumstance and actual royals, and it’s been going on near Windsor Castle in one form or another since Queen Anne gave it the green flag over 300 years ago. Each day of Royal […]  More