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NEP UK opens its doors in attempt to fill ever-widening skills gap

The technical side of broadcasting is an aging industry, and there is a huge skills gap that will need to be filled soon, with not enough candidates coming through. Indeed, according to the BBC, across Europe some 60% of today’s engineers are within a decade of retirement. This is why NEP UK ran an open […]  More

Sky Insights Day: Formula 1 production across Deutschland, Italia and UK

Since the three constituent parts of Sky in Germany, Italy and the UK came together as part of Sky Europe two years ago, the broadcasters have been looking for synergies that would enable them to save money and work more effectively. In sport, the obvious place to start was Formula 1, which all three broadcast. […]  More

DB Video builds flexible new Belgian OB truck around MediorNet matrix

The concept of remote production is usually discussed in the context of handling production of a distant event from a traditional studio, with only the cameras on site. However, Belgian OB and facilities company, DB Video has brought remote production closer to home, by designing its latest OB vehicle, Unit 10, to handle multiple remote […]  More

VideoSys stumps up miniature cameras for cricket, motor racing and sky diving

VideoSys Broadcast is one of those small companies that excels in building custom equipment for sports production, particularly miniature camera and transmission systems, most of which are initially built to order for broadcasters with a specific need to fill. “I want people to ring us with problems. Everyone wants it smaller and lighter, and we […]  More

TV Skyline chooses Grass Valley for Ultra HD following camera shoot-out

When Germany’s TV Skyline built its latest Ultra HD truck, OB8, last year it didn’t buy any cameras. “I’ve not been satisfied with the options in the market,” said Wolfgang Reeh, its owner and CEO. Instead, OB8 has been running with HD cameras. Now it has bought 21 cameras from Grass Valley, including 12 of […]  More

Autogyro gives Beyond HD a Dynamic Perspective on sports coverage

A new alternative to aerial filming using drones, with their regulatory limitations, or helicopters, with their high costs, has been launched in the UK — and is being aimed at sports productions. It uses a small gyrocopter, which sends no power to the rotors (so it always needs forward motion), but it can go much […]  More

On the RECkord: Old vendor loyalties are tested by move to Ultra HD

When outside broadcast companies equipped their HD OB trucks, there was generally one major choice to make: Sony or Grass Valley. However, moving in to the era of Ultra HD and IP is giving other manufacturers a chance to make their mark. A case in point is the new 16-camera OB being finished by RECkord […]  More

NEP Europe ramps up Ultra HD and 2SI production with Grass Valley

NEP Europe is to standardise on the new Grass Valley LDX 86N for Ultra HD production, with an initial shipment going in to five new OB trucks, one of which is likely to be Europe’s largest. “We have made an agreement to purchase Grass Valley’s new native 4K camera, because we see 4K is starting […]  More

Sony IP Live: Interoperable production is all about partnerships

With the opening of Sony’s new IP Live Studio at Pinewood Film Studios, and its new participation in the Networked Media Incubator project of the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), Sony hopes to demonstrate that it really is serious about interoperability as the heart of IP production. Indeed, at its official launch in Pinewood, Sony […]  More