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Thought Leadership: Innovative thinking is needed to protect the sports broadcasting industry against COVID-19

By Chris Clarke, CEO, Cerberus The sporting world has been turned upside down. From athletics to motorsports, events have been cancelled, delayed or postponed until 2021. A couple of months ago, it seemed that this would be a temporary crisis, with news outlets referring to ‘disruptions’ in sports broadcasting. The coronavirus outbreak was perceived as […]  More

Axon helps broadcasters and engineers to make the best of a bad situation

Normally television companies would be hectic right now, especially with sporting events, writes Axon CCO Karel van der Flier. Preparations should also be underway for the Tokyo Olympics – the biggest highlight of the broadcast sporting calendar. But this year isn’t normal. The Coronavirus pandemic has put the world on pause. Huge swathes of the […]  More

Tomorrow’s viewer and the promise of live IP production

By Norbert Paquet, head of live production solutions, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. ‘Agile’ is a word you’ll hear in practically every industry—and broadcasting is no exception. The hunt for ‘agility’ sits at the meeting point of budget pressures, technical innovation and growing consumer demands. And this sets the scene for the rise of IP technology. […]  More

Ross Video on engaging fans with connected in-stadia experiences

By Kevin Cottam, director of sports and live events, Ross Video The world of sports production has seen a number of important developments over the last decade and there’s no doubt that it’s an exciting and lucrative field to be working in. TV coverage of live sporting events has become increasingly sophisticated, and this in […]  More

Synamedia on going for gold in 2020 with live sports broadcasting

By James Clark, director, global security business development, Synamedia We’re out of the blocks, sprinting into another decade of sporting extravaganzas that will be watched by thrill seekers across the globe on an explosion of screens. The Tokyo Olympics is certain to be a TV highlight this year. The potential for the underdog to unearth […]  More

Telestream: Broadcasters must acknowledge new ways of content consumption

By Scott Puopolo, CEO, Telestream 2020 is set to become a pivotal year in the broadcast and electronic media markets. For some time new technologies have been evolving that present radically different ways to produce and consume content at home and on the move. However, it is not just a question of technology; a change […]  More

Verizon Media on going OTT with sports broadcasting

By Scott Goldman, director of product management, Verizon Media Platform The media landscape is changing and 2020 is going to be a momentous milestone for streaming particularly in the live sports arena. More and more streaming platforms are now bidding for and winning the rights to matches and games with the objective of becoming a major player […]  More