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Looking at the key trends for sports video in 2020 with Harmonic

By Thierry Fautier, vice president, video strategy, Harmonic The world of sports video is moving at a rapid pace. Over the past year, we’ve seen an increase in the number of live OTT sports channels, and sports fans have shown a willingness to pay for premium video streaming experiences. There are a number of key […]  More

MediaKind looks at key trends in the sports broadcasting market for the next year

By Olie Baumann, lead engineer for Cygnus 360° events, MediaKind Disruption in the media industry is rife. Innovations and evolving consumer viewing habits are transforming our expectations of how live events, and in particular live sports, are watched. While sport remains the biggest draw for TV viewers worldwide, finding ways to deliver this video content […]  More

NEP outlines its vision for sports broadcasting in the next decade

By Brian Clark, director of sales, NEP UK, Donald Begg, director of technology, NEP UK, and Ben Tompsett, head of broadcast at Creative Technology Looking ahead at 2020 and beyond, one of the things we see is that remote production is going to become more mainstream. The production model is maturing all the time and, […]  More

Crashing through the digital turnstile of broadcasting with Limelight Networks

By Steve Miller Jones, vice president of edge strategic and solutions architecture, Limelight Networks The average American subscriber pays for three video services, according to a 2019 Deloitte Insights survey. Cheaper than cable, yes, but with so many new options, like Disney+, HBO Max and Peacock coming in to play, are consumers are getting overwhelmed? […]  More

Mobile Viewpoint on how AI is bringing lower league sports to the masses

By Michel Bais, CEO, Mobile Viewpoint Traditionally it was difficult to follow your local sports team unless they were in the higher leagues and had the necessary media coverage. But with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with IP media workflows, what was previously unaffordable has become a low-cost reality, and that could include […]  More

Imagen asks what 2020 has in store for sports broadcasting

By Will Pitt, head of sport, Imagen 2020 looks set to be another huge year for world sport with the Olympic and Paralympic Games, football’s Euro 2020 and the ICC Women’s and Men’s World T20 Championships all taking place, to name but a few. These events, and others, are likely to cement the way in […]  More

Signiant looks at what 2020 has in store for media and entertainment organisations

By Margaret Craig, CEO, Ian Hamilton, CTO, and Rick Clarkson, CSO at Signiant As the New Year approaches there are a number of exciting media and entertainment trends on the horizon. New competition, emerging formats and platforms, and technology advancements promise to make 2020 a dynamic and fertile year for the industry. Margaret Craig, CEO, […]  More

Looking ahead to a busy 2020 with Euro Media Group

By Timo Koch, director of operations, Euro Media Group We expect the entire IP workflow in 2020 to become more mature. Most suppliers are working hard on transforming their SDI architecture into IP, and those who already are IP, will take IP further through the whole chain. IT competences will be crucial in the new […]  More

2020 will raise the bar even higher for sports broadcasting than action-packed 2019 says Grass Valley

By Tim Shoulders, president, Grass Valley Live sports broadcasting has always been at the cutting edge of production techniques and the driving force behind the evolution of television. A bumper year for major sporting events, 2020 will raise the bar even higher, with events like the Tokyo Olympics, the Ryder Cup golf and the Euro […]  More