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Gravity Media: 2020 will be a big year for sport on and off the field

By Steve Norris, director, production and content, Gravity Media Although it’s not suffered from the dramatic downturn that many had anticipated, 2019 has still been a year of change for the sports broadcasting market. There’s been a lot of movement, with TV rights going to new partners, and also unexpected renewals of contracts, as broadcasters […]  More

The data-driven future of OTT according to Sportradar

By Felix Blank, director, digital platforms at Sportadar Broadcast and video are two of the most innovative sectors in the media industry and, within that, sport is undoubtedly at the heart of development and growth. The industry has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, from linear broadcasts to the present day, which sees […]  More

Thought Leadership: Tata’s Mehul Kapadia on how technology Is changing the game for sports marketers

It is a fascinating time in the world of sports, with digital platforms enabling a complete reinvention in the way fans engage with the action and their heroes, writes Mehul Kapadia, global head of marketing, Tata Communications. Rights holders, broadcasters, sponsors and others in the sports ecosystem are capitalising on these innovations in several ways […]  More

White Paper: eSports phenomenon brings new challenges and opportunities in media tech

There are few current trends in media and entertainment as exciting and fast-growing as eSports (an umbrella term encompassing competitive gaming across a number of distinct games), writes Jens Fischer, Signiant’s territory manager for DACH, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Japan. Growing out of the humble origins of arcade tournaments and online-game play-throughs, eSports has […]  More

Building the OGN Super Arena: the technical challenges and lessons learnt

ES Broadcast technical director Jonathan Lyth outlines how his company designed, specified and built the backend video and audio infrastructure for the OGN Super Arena in California, discussing the challenges faced and sharing the lessons learnt along the way. It’s hard to overestimate the impact that eSports is having on the video games market. Indeed, […]  More

Going OTT: The race for live sports streaming heats up

By Andy Warman, director, playout solutions, Harmonic Digital TV Research recently revealed that over the top (OTT) revenues will reach US $123 billion by 2023. With the proliferation of connected devices, live video streaming has grown significantly. According to Parks Associates, the percentage of households with multiple OTT subscriptions has increased by 130% since 2014. […]  More

White Paper: Audio challenges in eSports events

Live eSports events bring different challenges from traditional sports or live events, writes Cameron O’Neill, Riedel, director Asia Pacific. Games were designed to be played in isolation. Therefore, sound plays a vital role in the player’s ability to sense what is going on around them – something that isn’t a requirement in a sports arena […]  More

Thought Leadership: Decisions on the transition timeline for broadcast infrastructure

For the last few years, much of the tech talk in our industry has centred around two letters — IP. In truth, writes Imagine Communications COO Glodina Lostanlen, IP connectivity is just an enabling technology: the goal is a software-defined architecture, running on standard, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. COTS hardware that inherently talks IP over […]  More