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Guest Comment: The future’s bright, the future’s HDR

Earlier this month, along with other industry partners and our customer BT Sport, we produced a live linear broadcast of the UEFA Champions League final in 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) writes Richard Cranefield, Strategic Product Manager Playout, Ericsson. HDR is a technique that allows cameras to capture, and televisions to display, a much […]  More

Guest Comment: How Seven is realising the value in live streaming tennis

The eyes of the sporting world will soon be fixed on SW19 for a fortnight of some of the most intense sporting action on TV, writes Paul Davies, communications and marketing, Yospace. Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious events available for a broadcaster, and none more so than for the BBC, which holds a […]  More

Guest Comment: Why brands are waking up to the advantages of live video

Over the past few years, the popularity of live video, both for viewers and producers, has grown exponentially, writes Jake Ward, Business Development Director, Groovy Gecko. According to Forrester Research, live video receives three times the amount of engagement than those that are prerecorded. From what I’ve seen, high quality live video appeals to viewers […]  More

Guest Comment: Embrace change or fall by the wayside

The world of professional video production and delivery is changing at a remarkable rate. Advancements in technology have always meant that consumers have had an increasing number of options of how to watch ‘television’, but OTT is taking this fragmentation to a whole new level, writes Futuresource Consulting’s Adam Cox. Historically, technology changes in the […]  More

Guest Comment: When is sports replay not instant?

Replay using disk based systems in sports events has maintained a consistent fundamental workflow since its inception during the 1980s, writes Tim Felstead, Head of Product Marketing, Snell Advanced Media (SAM). In sports replay workflows V1.0, users still persist with a basic record to and playback from a block of recording disks fast enough to […]  More

Level 3 Communications State of Transmission Report, Part 2: Delivering pixel-perfect video is different to email

What does the latest generation of broadcast fibre transmission service look like from a sports venue, and what services should production and technical teams be asking for? To answer this fully, write Jeffrey Hallman, Elio Parente, and Derek Anderson, Level 3 Communications, it’s important to first understand the scope of all applications being used as part […]  More

Guest Comment: the potential of AoIP for enhancing fan engagement

In a world dominated by rapid fire communications and small interconnected screens, stadiums and other event venues around the world are racing to maintain and expand engagement with fans who are increasingly satisfied with the experiences they can get in their homes, writes Audinate Senior Product Manager Brad Price. The immersive technology now available to […]  More

Case Study: South American broadcasters use Elemental to broadcast 2016’s biggest sporting event

All eyes were on Rio de Janeiro last year during the world’s biggest event, which provided a showcase for broadcast and online delivery for broadcasters in Brazil and its neighbouring Latin American countries. Elemental was at the heart of expanded facilities, delivering high quality, high efficiency encoding for multiple platforms, writes Sergio Da Silva, Sr. Field Operations Manager […]  More

Case Study: Arqiva and PLP collaborate on delivery of Premier League football coverage

Widely considered to be the greatest football league in the world, the Premier League is broadcast to 900 million households in over 200 territories – a colossal feat that is reliant on Arqiva’s satellite distribution services. Arqiva has been involved in the global satellite distribution of the world’s most competitive and compelling football league since […]  More