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SVG Europe Sit-Down: Pebble Beach Systems’ Tom Gittins provides insight into the company’s latest playout directions

Pebble Beach Systems’ automation solutions are highly configurable and are designed around a modular and scalable architecture. They are ideally suited to multi-channel playout as well as high pressure live programming environments such as news or sports. In addition, Pebble Beach Systems offers interfaces to legacy equipment and also support new formats and technologies such as […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Telegenic’s Eamonn Curtin on future challenges and expectations for IBC 2018

Over three decades Telegenic has established a reputation for excellence of quality and service in delivering failsafe outside broadcasts of any size and complexity. Telegenic’s extensive fleet is equipped with the most advanced technology available for HD, 3D and 4K production of the biggest sports, entertainment, music and State events. The company’s stated goal is […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: SIXTY’s Henriette Sæther discusses the benefits of AI and reveals the challenges of the year ahead

Since it was founded in 2002 SIXTY has been helping broadcasters globally to make every click and pixel the best it can be. The company is now using this experience to ensure that broadcast and Internet TV services provide consumers with the freedom to choose how and when to view and interact, with products such as […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Tata’s Brian Morris offers cyber security reassurance and discusses OTT

Over the past decade, Tata Communications has evolved from a wholesale service provider serving the Indian market to a leading provider of ‘A New World of Communications’ to enterprise customers and service providers worldwide. The exponential growth of connected devices, emergence of social media, analytics, and cloud computing (SMAC), and acceptance of bring your own […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Luke Harrison from RT Software discusses developments in AR and AI

Since its inception in 2004, RT Software has achieved industry firsts such as per pixel lighting, shader frameworks and improved render techniques such as PBR. The company has customers straddling all continents and a mature product range encompassing virtual studios and augmented reality, sports analysis, 4k video stitching, 2d and 3d overlay solutions and embeddable […]  More

The road from Russia: Analysing the biggest streaming event in history

Video delivery firm Peer5 helped deliver over 112 million video sessions in 241 different countries during the World Cup in Russia — surpassing this year’s Super Bowl. Peer5 operates a video delivery service that can be paired with one or more server-based CDNs to give broadcasters an elastic and scalable streaming infrastructure. The company coordinates […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Leader’s Kevin Salvidge on IP standards and the move to HDR

Since the company’s establishment in 1954, Leader has contributed innovative measurement technology for sectors of industry such as home appliances, television broadcasting and mobile telephones. In addition to improving the quality of broadcast communication, the company is developing new technology for use in IP-based video distribution. European Regional Development Manager, Kevin Salvidge, was keen to […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Clear-Com’s Nicki Fisher discusses IP innovations and communications sector developments

Clear-Com, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, was the first to market portable wired and wireless intercom systems for live performances. Since then it has had a history of technological advancements and innovations that has delivered significant improvements to the way people collaborate in professional settings where real-time communication is vital. Around the globe and […]  More