Recent Posts by Roberto Landini, Italian Correspondent

NEP Broadcast Service Italia: Taking its place in the new NEP Europe line-up

Founded in May 2018, NEP Broadcast Service Italia benefits in large part from the technical and operational structures of the acquired Florentine company Telerecord, led by Fabio Bertini. Sergio Cecchini, general manager of the NEP Italia division, explained to SVG Europe: “The Italian structure depends directly on NEP Broadcast Europe which, in addition to NEP […]  More

VR and AR create new storytelling dynamic for SuperTennis studio coverage

Supertennis, the TV channel of the Italian Tennis Federation, is visible on Sky Italia, the national DTT mux, channel 64 on TVSat and on its web channel. The TV production studios in Rome, from which transmissions are aired, often employ virtual reality and augmented reality: but, contrary to what one might think, it is […]  More

Global OB8 UHD HDR truck rolls out for World Volleyball and Ferrari Challenge

One of the first commitments for Global Productions’ new OB8 unit was the Ferrari Challenge held at Monza last month. The first official outing of OB8 was in Rome for the World Volleyball Championships in September (pictured, above), while the first presentation to the major Italian broadcasters was the Monza race, where all the production power […]  More

Sky Italia revamps football studios to enable richer storytelling and viewer engagement

To celebrate the return of UEFA Champions League and the new football season, Sky Italia undertook an extensive refresh of its on-air sports studios to enable increased viewer engagement. Rossella de Vivo, director of the Production & Creative Hub at Sky Italia, underlined some features of the new operation to SVG Europe. “Sky studios and […]  More

Sony invites visitors to ‘Go Make Tomorrow’ at Italian Technology Days

Sony Professional Solutions Europe has held Technology Day events in Milan and Rome this month to showcase cloud content production, 4K/HDR workflows and IP-based production. Nicolas Moreau, live media solution marketing manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe, remarked that the emphasis for Sony these days tends to be on “proposing a whole set of solutions […]  More

RAI innovations at the European Championships in focus at SMPTE Emerging Technology seminar

Coverage of the inaugural European Championships was placed under the spotlight during the 10th edition of the SMPTE Emerging Technology Seminar in Milan. During the event, RAI director of the research centre and technological innovation Gino Alberico examined the experimentation carried out by the broadcasters during the Championships, including with new television formats such as 4K […]  More

Livesat delivers ambitious live production for Championnat de France de Drift car race

‘The Drift’ is an exciting sports car discipline in which the competitors do not have to prove to be faster than the adversaries. Instead, the challenge is to demonstrate more skill and flair in maintaining control of the vehicle whilst oversteering, with the resultant loss of traction in the rear wheels. The ranking of the […]  More

Italy’s NVP prepares to introduce flexible new OB6 vehicle

Headquartered in Sicily, international TV production specialist NVP has been an active player in the market since 2007. The company has interests in broadcast production of many different types – including sports, concerts and entertainment shows – for which purpose it has an extensive and versatile fleet of OB vehicles. Having introduced OB4 in 2017, […]  More