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RAI taps BLT servers, Casa Italia for Olympic operations

RAI, the Italian national broadcaster, is taking a different approach to its Olympic production, housing a smaller team at the International Broadcast Centre and a larger one at Casa Italia, the 6,000 sq. ft. facility located at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center near London City, approximately 10 kilometers from the IBC. Casa Italia is […]  More

RAI picks CoralCG for Olympic needs

Italian state broadcaster RAI will work with ClassX, headquartered in Santa Marie a Monte (near Pisa), for all graphics needs related to the London 2012 Olympics. RAI and ClassX worked together on the past two Olympic games, but this year’s coverage will see 3D and live, animated 3D graphics built using the new CoralCG platform. […]  More

Milano International Federation of Sports TV Festival set for December

The European sport content creation community, extending from film to TV to the Internet, will get together in Milan from the 5-9 December for the 30th annual Milano International Federation of Sports Television Festival. Registration is now open and more information is available at The event in Milan includes 150 film screenings in seven […]  More meets needs of Italian sports content creators

Italy, and Milan in particular, continue to become a hub for sports-related technology and media companies. And one of particular interest throughout the country is Datasport, a company that can best be defined as a multimedia and cross-platform laboratory centered on Italian live sport. “We are operating a complete sports service, including results, charts, agenda, […]  More

Il Giro d’Italia: There’s an app for that

The world famous Italian bicycle race “Il Giro d’Italia” 2012 edition began this past week in Denmark (!) and will conclude on May 27. For the millions of fans around the world there are several ways to follow it, including an iOS application, another one for the Android platform, and streaming live on the Web. […]  More

OB Profile: Italian OB provider Videob succeeds amidst tough economy

The Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, with large towns like Parma and Bologna, has seen its population grow in recent years. But the population isn’t the only thing growing. Ettore Cortesi, owner of OB-unit provider Videob Television S.R.L., founded in 1985, says his company is keeping up with technology needs despite a challenging economic environment.  More