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Forgotten stepchild: Telos Alliance questions whether audio is getting left behind again in the cloud production race

By Martin Dyster, vice president of business development, Telos Alliance For those of us intrepid souls who have made a career in broadcast audio, we’ve often felt like we are the forgotten stepchild of the industry. Whether it is the division of the capital equipment budget for a new project, or a drive towards a […]  More

­­­­­­Lessons to learn: Arkona Technologies talks IP, the cloud and the importance of adopting open standards

By Rainer Sturm, chief executive, Arkona Technologies Reflecting on the technological strides that have defined broadcast productions during the pandemic, it is abundantly clear that IP and cloud stand at the forefront. As technologies, they enabled a variety of remote workflows when close quarters cooperation was no longer an option. However, in the early days […]  More

Being bold: Mobile Viewpoint on growing content production opportunities through remote production over public internet

By Michel Bais, managing director, Mobile Viewpoint Building a business case to monetise live events needs to balance the many cost factors involved in producing the content against the ways of monetising the value of the video content itself. The cost of a commercial for the Superbowl (which most recently exceeded $5.5 million) is always […]  More

Direct to consumer: Red Bee on the buzz around aligning business goals with consumer desires

By Steve Russell, chief product officer, Red Bee Media The buzz around direct to consumer (D2C) for professional sports has never been ‘buzzier’.  Much of the industry discussions have previously had a technical emphasis, with the mechanics of content creation, packaging, and delivery at the forefront of thinking. However, recent discussion with several senior executives […]  More

What to expect in 2022: Evertz is looking ahead to more features, more fun and more personalisation

By Mo Goyal, senior director, international business development, live media solutions, Evertz Microsystems The COVID pandemic has undoubtedly been a challenge for the live sports industry and the broadcast companies associated with it. Although we have seen a recovery of sports, with postponed events such as Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Summer Olympics finally happening […]  More

Cloud gazing: The Switch on utilising the full capabilities of the cloud for live sports production in 2022

By Peter Timmons, senior product manager, The Switch Look back on the evolving role of the cloud within live sports production over the past three years and it becomes clear this method’s growth has been nothing short of spectacular. Many in the industry would have predicted another decade before broadcasters and other rightsholders commonly deployed […]  More

Genie out of the box: Newtek asks where remote production is going in 2022

By Liam Hayter, senior solutions architect, NewTek 2021 has been a sporting year like no other. An incredible number of sports productions have gone ahead despite COVID constraints, and have been broadcast in high quality. This feat is a testament to the ingenuity of all the companies that work in the industry. From tech vendors […]  More