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Sports broadcasting and the rapid evolution of technology in 2020

By Jonathan Roberts, SVP of global sport and virtual advertising, Vizrt In 2020, one of the sports broadcast industry’s most dependable components, the live sport fixture list, was completely upended. This specific component is worth noting for a discussion on sports broadcast because so much relies on the certainty of the list. Contracts are signed, […]  More

Audio insider: A simple guide to producing the best audio mixes 

By Howard Jones, communications director, Genelec Any broadcast audio engineer will be accustomed to working quickly in pressurised studio environments that may not always have the finest acoustic properties. From a cramped OB truck to the ad-hoc remote working spaces that COVID-19 has made commonplace, audio engineers in broadcast have to deliver consistent, reliable mixes […]  More

Marking a new era of live sports with remote and cloud-based production

By Nicholas Castaneda, SVP sales, The Switch Live sports production and content delivery workflows have rapidly evolved this year, with rights-holders and broadcasters innovating to overcome the challenges of a global pandemic. Despite most leagues and teams witnessing some form of event postponement or cancellation, the demand for live content has far from subdued. Fans […]  More

Will 2021 mark the death or rise of UHD and HDR?  

By Norbert Paquet, head of live production solutions, Sony Professional, Sony Europe 2020 put a brake on many investments. The whole industry focused its efforts on setting up remote solutions that protected crews, fans and players without degrading viewers’ experience, in creative and innovative ways. The first concern was safety, the second concern was creating […]  More

Prepare for a sports TV rollercoaster ride in 2021

By Philipp Männer, sales director DACH, Red Bee Media Any review of 2020 and look ahead into 2021 can’t ignore the pandemic. The human tragedy is the foremost concern, yet the impact on the global economy is also profound, accelerating several major sports TV trends that will continue to play out for months to come. […]  More

Sports broadcasters have no option but to offer choice using virtualisation

By John Schur, president, solutions group, Telos Alliance Demand for live sporting events is accelerating globally and sports broadcasters are poised to deliver unprecedented experiential choice to consumers in 2021. Choice of audio, choice of streaming quality, choice to consume on whatever device they want, wherever and whenever they want. With the onset of the […]  More

Can artificial intelligence do the job of an audio engineer?

By Michel Bais, managing director, Mobile Viewpoint Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to be adopted across the broadcast arena as a new initiative to enable productions and operational processes that were previously cost prohibitive or expensive. It is not positioned to replace jobs, but to enable productions that were previously just not possible. But can […]  More

Remote production is the success story of 2020

By Ed Tischler, managing director for UK and Europe, Gravity Media Group Since the first lockdown was announced earlier this year, we have seen some spectacular examples of creativity, ingenuity and speed in terms of the use of remote production. Remote production has rapidly evolved to the point where it has become the tech buzz […]  More

Five more sports media industry predictions for 2021

Remote production, D2C and social video are all in the mix as Grabyo’s Scott Lunn puts forward five predictions for how the next 12 months are going to pan out.  5G becomes more than an advertising slogan The low latency and high bandwidth promise of 5G has been a discussion point for the broadcast industry […]  More

Unpicking the future of fan engagement for live sports

By Ariff Sidi, general manager & chief product officer, Media Platform, Verizon Media The impact of COVID-19 has limited in-person attendance for most major events, yet fans remain hungry for live sports. Sports broadcasters and teams need to find new and innovative ways to evolve the live experience for viewers at home and keep them […]  More