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Building knowledge, widening the appeal: Ross Video uncovers the role of data-driven graphics in next generation sports broadcasts

By James Ransome, Ross Video sports & live events business development manager for the EMEA region. In the world of sports broadcast, content producers are constantly looking for ways to engage with viewers on a deeper level while effectively managing their production workflows. This can be a tricky balance for sports broadcasters on two fronts. […]  More

Quality check: Leader on how sport is driving the technology transition

By Kevin Salvidge, Leader Europe sales engineering manager. A strident message evident across the entire broadcast sector during 2022 was the desirability of mastering new content in the highest possible quality to maximise the commercial lifetime of new productions. That has always been the case but the detail of how to achieve it changes from one […]  More

Content, content, content: The future of sports broadcast according to MRMC

By Marius Merten, MRMC sports broadcast manager. In recent years, one common trend has been growing across the sports broadcast industry; we’ve never seen more content being generated and distributed. This is due to three drivers, which I intend to explore here, from why they are happening, to how they can be tackled with technology. […]  More

Sports broadcasting: Exploring a sustainable future with Suora Broadcast

By Mikko Pylvänen, Suora Broadcast sales manager. The sports broadcasting industry has slowly recovered from COVID-19, and that is my first and main thought about 2022. There have been more and more events to be broadcast over the course of the last 12 months and, in that sense, business as normal has resumed, which in […]  More

Developing at pace: EditShare on connecting consumers with content

By Sunil Mudholkar, EditShare VP product management. If there is one thing that is clear from the top sports story as I write this, with all eyes turned on the Middle East, it is that fans want ever-increasing amounts of detail and insight in the coverage, alongside background and colour from around the event. It […]  More

Changing the TV world: on affordable broadband data connections with low latency and the JPEG-XS standard

By Igor Vitiorets, CTO. The pandemic and economic recession continue to reshape TV production and the television industry. During the pandemic, the entire TV industry was forced to turn towards remote production. If before 2020 industry stakeholders were aware of all the pros and cons of remote production, then in 2021 they all decided […]  More

Past masters: IMES on why digitising your archive is a golden opportunity 

By Kerry Freeman, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services head of sales, UK and Ireland. As the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns brought much of the global production industry to a screeching halt – particularly, of course, live sport – people looked to broadcasters and streaming video services for a distraction from the fear, isolation and boredom […]  More

Fortune favours the brave: Cloudbass on the thrill of onsite production and the future of the OB truck

By Steve Knee, Cloudbass managing director. The truck is dead, long live the truck. The pandemic accelerated all things remote, and for good reason, however Cloudbass believes that the truck still has a way to go yet. With the removal of many historical objections to remote workflows from medical necessity, many of the basic engineering […]  More