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Lessons learned and looking ahead at the sports broadcasting industry

By Joe Ferreira, vice president, sports, LTN Global 2020 turned out to be a landmark year for the sports broadcasting industry. COVID-19 has impacted sports broadcasting in unprecedented ways, which led to broadcasters quickly adapting to the new sports landscape. The resultant suspension or cancellation of sporting events and elimination of entire sports seasons accelerated […]  More

Rising to the challenge of the new era of live sports broadcasting

By Liz McParland, commercial director, contribution, Globecast Hands down, 2020 has been an extremely tough time for the sports market, with the global pandemic being responsible for massive disruption. Back in April, a colleague of mine predicted that we would see the cancellation of up to 47% of sporting events over the course of the […]  More

Keeping it together and meeting the sports fan’s expectations in 2021

By Russell Johnson, director, Hitomi Sports broadcasting has driven technology for most of the history of television. The needs of the sport audience have forced developments, from large numbers of cameras to super slo-mo replays and from real time graphics to immersive audio. If you were to take a poll of sports fans, the one […]  More

A gamechanging approach to the live sports market with 5G

By Ophir Zardok, sports business development, LiveU We all know how hard the sports market has been hit across 2020 and the reasons why. This is something I will come back to, but before that a little context. With the launch of cellular bonding technology in 2008, the newsgathering market was forever changed – it […]  More

A shot in the arm for sports rights holders and pirates

By Simon Brydon, senior director, sports rights anti-piracy, Synamedia While stadiums in large parts of the world ring empty, the cheering seems to be reserved for the end of 2020. What the sports world need right now is a shot in the arm, literally and metaphorically! But even the most optimistic person has to agree […]  More

Following the great migration to remote production

By John Dale, director and chief marketing officer, Media Links During the early days of the pandemic live sporting events were basically shut down. Now, we are seeing an increase in live events with limited on-site spectator attendance and experiencing renewed active planning for the Summer Olympics, which were delayed by a year and are […]  More

German Bundesliga versus the pandemic challenge

By Robert Oszvald, director for event services at Vidi 2020 has been an unusual year, to put it mildly. In a normal year we would have been busy working on the Bundesliga every weekend, with 18 matches being transmitted each Saturday and Sunday from the first and second leagues of thrilling German football. This would […]  More

Imagining the future of live sports from single-camera to virtualisation without fear

By Cassidy Phillips, VP networking solutions architecture, Imagine Communications Sport is no stranger to storytelling. That is true whether it is a pick-up game with only camp-fire tales to tell, or live, multi-venue Olympic competition with its highly produced narratives. The energy and excitement emanate from the field, but what drives fan engagement is a […]  More

Meeting the challenges of sports broadcasting in 2021

By Steve Miller-Jones, vice president, edge strategy and solutions architecture, Limelight Networks There is no doubt that 2020 has been a game-changing year for the world of professional sports. It has certainly presented challenges, but it has also offered opportunities for innovation in ways to enhance the online viewing experience for fans. As live sports […]  More