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Video quality challenge: Tag on why getting high-quality content to the viewer is not a walk in the park

By Kevin Joyce, zero friction officer, Tag Video Systems Delivering quality video is becoming increasingly difficult. The plethora of emerging technologies combined with evolving and diverse business models are reshaping the broadcasting landscape. Empowering broadcasters with the monitoring, multiviewing and data capabilities they need to provide their customers with relevant and pristine content grows more […]  More

Fight heats up: Ateme looks ahead to sports broadcasting in 2022

By Julien Mandel, solution marketing senior director, contribution and distribution, Ateme The last twelve months have seen impressive innovation from the sports broadcasting sector. This has included the increased use of cloud workflows or greater personalisation, as broadcasters explored new ways of keeping their viewers entertained and engaged. Some of these were already in the […]  More

Interactive content: LTN Global on levelling up sports production in 2022 with a consistent approach

By Mike Burk, general manager, event production and transmission, LTN Global In some ways 2021 has brought live sports back to ‘business as usual’ with the return of packed stadiums and arenas across North America and Europe, and a blockbuster line up of flagship sporting events. However, the technologies and workflows that fueled innovation in […]  More

Levelling the playing field: Grass Valley discusses the benefits of cloud and IP workflows for lower tier sports

By Larissa Görner, director of live advanced solutions, Grass Valley One of the major success stories of the past year was the Tokyo Olympics and specifically the window into global primetime for many so-called niche sports. From climbing and BMX to skateboarding, taekwondo, softball and surfing, professional competitions outside the mainstream gained invaluable exposure to […]  More

Lasting impact: Sportway on how AI is creating opportunities for women’s and emerging sports leagues

By  Daniel Franck, CEO, Sportway As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes engrained into so many aspects of our life, from self-driving vehicles to healthcare diagnostics, there are a lot of misconceptions on the impact AI will have on the sports industry. However, I believe that AI will have a lasting impact on elevating women’s and junior […]  More

Wind in the sails: Riedel Communications on transforming the viewing experience of the 36th America’s Cup

By Tim Puschkeit, senior project manager, Riedel Communications Production and coverage of the 36th America’s Cup race series early in 2021 redefined the model and technologies used both to manage complex live events and to bring those events to viewers in more immersive and engaging formats. Contested on the inner Hauraki Gulf off Auckland, New […]  More

Enriching the experience: Sony on realising the power of data-driven sports production and fan engagement

By Dina Hassan, marketing manager, Sony Sports Innovations People love stories, both the stories we know the ending of, and the stories in which we live through the twists and turns as the story unfolds. That’s why sports, with their players and uncertain outcomes, federate us and ignite our imagination. We watch a game play out and our mind builds up a whole universe […]  More

Leaps and bounds: AE Live on the changing face of sports production

By David Gill, chief technology officer, AE Live As has been discussed countless times over the last year and a half, remote production has moved on leaps and bounds during the global pandemic. A movement that was happening anyway has had rocket boosters attached as the entire industry scrambles to adapt to new ways of […]  More