Finland’s MTV3 deploys VimondSPORTS

Finland’s largest commercial broadcaster MTV3 will deploy VimondSPORTS, a web player developed by Vimond to create an online, interactive ice hockey experience for viewers. The ice hockey portal, one of the first for Finland’s advanced WebTV market, will give MTV3 a new revenue stream and a new way to engage viewers, enabling it to take […]  More

NAB Preview Part Three

The countdown is now very much on, with only a matter of days left before the LVCC opens its doors to the assembled multitudes and NAB 2012 starts. Here are some more of the product highlights that have crept over the wires in recent weeks…  More

Inside Italy’s AGR

If you get to their main webpage www.cnrmedia.com/ and write “sport” in the research field you get 2570 results in a fraction of a second! To give an idea of CNR’s involvement in sports let’s mention just a few topics: Global Games in Genoa, The 59° Rolex Cup, Milan-Genoa match, Milan winning the “Scudetto”, Roma […]  More