SVGE Women

Graphic career: European Tour Production’s Leila Salarkia talks education, ticking boxes and being brave

Leila Salarkia, head of graphics for European Tour Productions at IMG, has had something of a whirlwind ride through further education, from biochemistry to animation, to get her current position. She has spent a good deal of time in educational institutions as she gradually moved closer to the field she wanted to pursue a career […]  More

Creative Technology celebrates women in AV worldwide

Creative Technology (CT), an NEP Live Events company, is celebrating women’s achievements in the audiovisual (AV) industry around the world. Historically, the AV industry has included few women due to issues such as the lack of active outreach by employers and the resulting lack of awareness among women about the types of roles that were […]  More

Positive pressure of directing live: The adrenalin-fuelled world of winter sports junkie Aurelie Gonin

There are not many jobs in the world where you have to be an athlete to even begin your daily tasks, but Aurelie Gonin, director at her own company, Alpine Medias House, is one of those people. Gonin is a winter sports specialist. She directs, produces, films and edits, with the vast majority of her […]  More

Boxing clever: Sky Sports’ Jennie Blackmore on balancing being a parent with the thrill of live sports production

Inspired by her love of cricket, Sky Sports’ head of production for football and boxing, Jennie Blackmore, has gone from climbing gantries with doughnuts for camera crew strapped to her arms, to the top of her game. Her passion for cricket inadvertently led her to a career in sports broadcasting: “While at university, I had […]  More

Freelance lifestyle: Martiene Bruggink on life in editorial and production for ESPN, UEFA and the KNVB

When her brother, the former Dutch international footballer Arnold Bruggink, was interviewed at home by the press when she was in her early 20s, Martiene Bruggink got her first taste of journalism in action and saw her career path spreading out before her. Bruggink, who is now a freelancer in editorial and production working for […]  More

Swedish empire: SVT’s Åsa Edlund Jönsson talks ambition, adrenaline and live sports addiction

Hugely driven, ambitious and successful are terms well-suited to SVT’s head of sports, Åsa Edlund Jönsson. She has worked at the Swedish public broadcaster for over 20 years in a huge variety of roles, from reporter, anchor and commentator – being the first woman in the world to be a commentator on men’s ice hockey […]  More

Straight from school to head of production: The rise of BBC Sport’s Debbie Dubois

Today most people feel that a degree is an absolute necessity when seeking a job in sports broadcasting. It has not always been this way, however, and the rise of BBC Sport’s head of production, Debbie Dubois, is a perfect example of making your way to the top on talent and initiative, determination and resilience. […]  More

Game, set and match: Eurosport’s Aurelia Mounier on the fascination and drama of producing live tennis

“Live tennis is fascinating as there are always new stories to tell. The unpredictability, the upsets, the newcomers,” says Aurelia Mounier, editor-in-chief at Eurosport. Mounier’s career has been built around the tensions of the tennis court, which she thrives on. Storytelling from courtside involves a passion for the game, an understanding of the personalities involved, […]  More

SailGP Inspire to relaunch with greater focus on inclusivity and diversity

SailGP Inspire, the league’s community, education and outreach initiative, will relaunch at the opening event of SailGP season 2 with an increased focus on inclusivity and diversity. Launched in 2019 and building on the success of its inaugural season, SailGP Inspire will focus on providing experiential opportunities and new career pathways to the next generation. […]  More

disguise partners with Kwanda and Workfinder to address diversity in tech

disguise has launched a new internship programme designed to seek out, train and invite the best talent from under-represented backgrounds into the technology industry. The aim is to uncover the most promising young individuals through new partnerships with two initiatives that share disguise’s values of equality and diversity. The initiatives are Kwanda, a non-profit organisation supporting […]  More