SVGE Women Profiles

EVS operator to director: Nikki Beers on her path from sports broadcasting in Holland to the Tokyo Olympics

“It’s a bit of an odd story how I got into the TV broadcasting world,” writes sports director, EVS lead and assistant director for entertainment shows at Argus Productions, Nikki Beers. Right now Beers is in Japan working for Olympic Broadcast Services at the Oi Hockey Stadium as assistant director on the South Pitch. “I […]  More

Challenges of live sports audio: Sky Sports A1 Emma Penny talks career development and excitement

“Live sport broadcasts are definitely one of the most challenging environments I’ve worked in; I suppose I like a challenge,” says Emma Penny, Sky Sports A1 sound supervisor. “The technology is often at the forefront of all other live broadcasting. The job itself is fast paced and relies heavily on the abilities of its engineers […]  More

Living the live sports life: In front of the camera with SVT Sport’s Maria Wallberg

“Live is live!” says Maria Wallberg, sports anchor, commentator and reporter for SVT Sport. “The challenge is at the same time the beauty and the best part of working with live sport. “You, of course, do thorough research before [an event] and prepare for different scenarios, stories and focuses, but you then have to be […]  More

Bossing it in business: DAZN’s Ughetta Ercolano talks sports content production and cross-industry experience

You do not need to have had a life-long desire to work in sports broadcasting in order to end up in this field, and DAZN’s senior vice president for content production and editorial for Southern Europe, Ughetta Ercolano, is proof of that. Ercolano is a woman who has instead pushed her high-flying career towards media […]  More

Fizzing with excitement: BBC Sport lifer Vicky Cotton on the incredible world of live sports production

“I can feel my blood fizzing with excitement again just thinking about it,” says Vicky Cotton, BBC Sport’s executive producer for live streaming, reminiscing on the 2012 London Olympics. “I’d set myself a little goal in 2007 when we were awarded that games that I would be one of the BBC1 programme editors, and I […]  More

From the US to the UK: Sky Sports’ Jena Mihalovic talks locker rooms, challenges and change

In the sunshine state of Florida, “football is a way of life” says Jena Mihalovic, Sky Sports’ operational delivery lead. Mihalovic started out as a camera operator in the States, and she says of working in American football-obsessed Florida that, “we covered high school football like it was Premier League”. “On a typical Friday night, […]  More

“Perfection is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat.” DAZN’s Caroline Ewerton on seizing opportunities

DAZN’s Caroline Ewerton, vice president of production services (acting), quotes author Elizabeth Gilbert to describe her approach to seizing and making career opportunities in sports broadcasting: “perfection is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat.” “I absolutely love and always quote that because it’s so true,” she says. “Perfection is the enemy of […]  More

Graphic career: European Tour Production’s Leila Salarkia talks education, ticking boxes and being brave

Leila Salarkia, head of graphics for European Tour Productions at IMG, has had something of a whirlwind ride through further education, from biochemistry to animation, to get her current position. She has spent a good deal of time in educational institutions as she gradually moved closer to the field she wanted to pursue a career […]  More

Positive pressure of directing live: The adrenalin-fuelled world of winter sports junkie Aurelie Gonin

There are not many jobs in the world where you have to be an athlete to even begin your daily tasks, but Aurelie Gonin, director at her own company, Alpine Medias House, is one of those people. Gonin is a winter sports specialist. She directs, produces, films and edits, with the vast majority of her […]  More