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BT Sport discusses creative benefits of remote production over 5G

BT Sport bagged another ‘world first’ at IBC last week by successfully demonstrating 5G-enabled multi-location live remote production — but the application throws up as many questions as it does opportunities. The advantages of remote production – reduction in cost, better work-life balance for employees, reduced carbon footprint and the ability to produce more games […]  More

From stadium to sofa: Augmenting the @venue fan experience

Having neglected the enjoyment for fans of the full digital experience at live sports events, broadcasters and stadium owners have begun addressing the gap with new technology that improves connectivity at venues. Not only will this enable fans to interact during games, but also to entice them from their living rooms by offering improved ticket […]  More

Inside Fox Sports’ upcoming season of 4K HDR distribution for Thursday Night Football

Fox Sports will be distributing this season’s Thursday Night Football NFL package in 4K UHD and HDR. Beginning with this Thursday’s matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, Fox Sports’ production and operations team will produce TNF games in 1080p/High Dynamic Range (HDR) and upconvert the image from there […]  More

Editorial Comment: Clear communication in an age of disruption

There can be no doubt that the sports video production business is going through a time of great disruption. Technologies, enablers and platforms such as remote production, 5G, OTT, AR/VR, AI, 8K, immersive audio, HDR and more are jostling for our attention. What could be more ‘game changing’ than the NBA’s recent dive into smartphone-only […]  More

Rugby World Cup: ITV Sport kicks off with 59.94p island workflow

The 2019 Rugby World Cup kicks off today (Friday 20 September) with hosts Japan facing Russia at the Tokyo Stadium. ITV Sport will show all 48 matches live across various ITV platforms over the next six weeks. Most games will be broadcast on ITV, though ITV4 will also provide coverage. Fans can also live stream […]  More

Rugby World Cup: Canon to capture Free Viewpoint 3D video for host highlights

For seven matches of Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, Canon will provide highlight footage created by the Free Viewpoint Video System to host broadcaster International Games Broadcast Services (IGBS). These video highlights feature viewpoints and angles not possible with conventional cameras, delivering an experience that is said to “feel like being right on the […]  More

Sunset+Vine wins four-year host broadcast deal for World Rugby Sevens

World Rugby has selected Sunset+Vine, the UK-based independent TV sports production and media company, as its host broadcast partner for the World Rugby Sevens Series. Following a competitive tender, Sunset+Vine has secured a four-year deal to 2023 that will see it deliver host production services, non-live content and highlights packaging for each of the twelve […]  More

NEP’s intelligent OB unit makes its debut at IBC

At IBC NEP Group showed a new “intelligent outside broadcast” (iOB) for remote production where the director doesn’t want to be remote, but the production still wants to benefit from the savings of having all the processing done in the cloud. Certainly, in the Netherlands, where NEP developed iOB, directors prefer to be at the […]  More