2011 Year in Review – July

With the European sports calender in its summer pomp, SVG looked back on successful Wimbledon broadcasts in both 2D and 3D, took a trip out to Germany to report on the Women’s World Cup, travelled down to Sandwich to watch The Open, and marvelled at France Télévisions exemplary coverage of all 3430.5km of Le Tour.

Inside the game: Wimbledon in 2D

Wimbledon: With all the hyperbole surrounding the 3D broadcasts from the All England Championships this year, it’s been easy to overlook the fact that there’s a mammoth 2D operation taking place over the tournament’s fortnight run.

Inside the game: Wimbledon in 3D

According to CAN Communicate’s Duncan Humphreys, the broadcast of Wimbledon in 3D around the globe this past weekend was deemed a success for all those involved as a week of trials and practice allowed the team to get used to the new format, new camera angles, and a new way of telling the story of arguably one of the most prestigious events in all of sport.

Inside the game: HBS at the women’s world cup

An impressive 35,859 people turned up on a Wednesday evening to watch Brazil trounce Equatorial Guinea 3-0 in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the TV viewing figures are only moving in one direction, upwards, as well. HBS is the host broadcaster making sure that that progress isn’t interrupted.

Inside the game: CTV at The Open

Friday afternoon on the Kent coast, and it’s very much the calm before the storm. The sun beats down on the Broadcast Compound, a 42-year old Ulsterman is moving steadily and largely unheralded up the leaderboard, and while the wind is getting up, as yet there’s no rain in the air.

France Télévisions covers Le Tour

Another year, another unpredictable Tour, with Cadel Evans the surprise winner of the malliot jaune. Far less surprising is that France Télévisions managed once more to deliver some astonishing coverage of every wheel-turn of the 3430.5km race.

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