2011: Year in Review – June

June finds summer sports dominating the European landscape, and SVGE was caught between two giant cycling events – Italy’s Giro and France’s Tour – while golf started looming large and Wimbledon prepared to take a leap into the stereoscopic future.

Inside the game: Giro d’Italia – Part One

The 94th edition of the famous Giro d’Italia was covered comprehensively by Italian state broadcaster Rai in a series of programmes that included over 200 hours of live coverage as the race threaded its way through Italy. Italian Correspondent, Robero Landini, talked to Auro Bulbarelli, Vice Director of Rai Sport and team leader on the broadcaster’s Giro coverage, about the challenges of capturing every turn of every pedal.

Inside the game: the Giro d’Italia, part II

Italy: Every stage of Italy’s legendary Giro d’Italia involves eight motorcycle TV cameras, two shooting helicopters, two radio link helicopters and a whole modular control room.

Le Tour commence ici

France: France Télévisions has been detailing the technical resources that will be poured into producing the international signal delivery covering the most famous cycling road race of them all, The Tour de France.

Inside the game: Sky Sports at the US Open

What’s the story? Rory glory! While the United States Golf Association makes a US Open world feed available to broadcasters from around the globe, Sky Sports brings over a crew of 65 to make sure that audiences in Europe see what they really want to see: European golfers in action.

Inside the game: 3D rigs at Wimbledon

Wimbledon:In a small car park nestled between the All England Tennis Club and a block of flats, CAN Communicate technicians are busy assembling the 3D rigs that will be installed during the rest day in preparation for next week’s 3D capture. Creative Director, Duncan Humphreys, talks rigs, zooms and the importance of not blocking the Queen’s view.

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