4K joins 3D as next-gen Wimbledon production test gets underway

CAN Communication and Sony are working with All England Lawn and Tennis Club (AELTC) to experiment with Wimbledon in 4K, using two Sony F55 cameras as well as an NEX FS700 to capture action on Court One in the 4K RAW format. Editing is being executed on the Mystica nonlinear editing system.

“We are experimenting with different camera angles and the focus is on looking at different shutter speeds and colorimetry,” says Mark Grinyer, Sony Professionals Europe, World Cup 2014 programme manager.

The cameras were in action on June 24 with the material edited into highlights package record on June 25 and slated to be demonstrated for fans at Wimbledon beginning on June 26 (the material will also be used in retail stores and trade shows). Next week’s plan calls for recording on July 3 with a viewing on July 5.

“We are not afraid of a filmatic look if it produces a great look in 4K,” adds Grinyer.

Material is recorded in 4K onto AXSM removable drives in the F55 as well as in HD on SXS cards. The HD proxy video is then used for editing so that the original RAW files do not have to be ingested – a time-consuming task.

Sony and CAN Communicate are also working on 3D Wimbledon using the NEP Visions Atlantic truck that was integrated by Sony earlier this year.

“This is the last year of the current contract for 3D production at Wimbledon [involving Sony] and I don’t know if this is the last year for 3D,” adds Grinyer. “3D’s position is quite stable as Sky in the UK and Germany are committed and the 3D gear that is in the market is earning money. We are not seeing a slowdown in the UK and the first glimmer of 4K 3D is on the horizon. And you can put 4K cameras on a 3D rig and it would be about the same size as a P1 camera.”

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