ACS France adds Shotover K1 to its inventory

ACS France has made a step forward in gyro-stabilised camera filming operations for sports events. Globally recognised as one of the European leaders dedicated to the provision of dynamic imagery through aerial means on major sports events, ACS France counts the Shotover K1 from Shotover as the latest addition to its aerial filming equipment range.

“Adding the Shotover K1 to its portfolio, ACS France brings a new innovative offer in aerial filming from helicopters though gyro-stabilised camera system,” says Luc Poullain, CEO of ACS France.

As the next generation gyro-stabilised camera system operating with gimbal look-down capability in six axis, Shotover K1’s innovative key features have received acclaim from aerial directors of photography and cameramen including Eric Veyssiere, who has covered 20 Dakar Rallyes and 16 Tour de France events, and was honoured with an Award of Excellence 2012 by The Guild of Television Cameramen for his work on Tour de France 2011.

“Shotover K1 excels with agility, precision and ergonomy and opens new boundaries on stability on six axis and allows perfect vertical shots that could not be done in the past,” he says.

In addition to is six-axis with look-down capability, Shotover K1 can pan on 360 degrees continuous (via electrical and optical rotary joints), tilt from +75 to -140 degrees, and roll from +60 to – 60 degrees with a steerable or auto horizon. Its slew rate is fast with 100 degrees per second with auto DRI control. The whole package is delivered in a low weight carbon fibre structure.

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