AJA Video Systems debuts new compact SDI router

AJA Video Systems announced KUMO 3232, a new compact SDI router with 32 inputs and 32 outputs to provide cost-effective, high-quality signal routing in a small 2RU form factor. KUMO routers can be used in various broadcast, production, or postproduction environments, from mobile sports trucks and edit suites, through to corporate video installations and live A/V setups where additional inputs and outputs are needed. Additionally, significantly new lower prices have been announced for all existing KUMO products.

KUMO is AJA’s family of compact SDI routers delivering full 3G SDI capabilities for high quality signal routing fitting within any facility and budget. The KUMO 3232 is being introduced at IBC 2012, rounding out the existing AJA line of KUMO routers including the KUMO 1604, KUMO 1616 and the KUMO CP Control Panel, a 1RU control panel for all KUMO routers. KUMO products offer unique no-configuration set up via BonJour, and simple operation via LAN connectivity using its built-in web server, or direct push-button control via its KUMO CP control panel.

All KUMO routers exceed SMPTE standards to ensure high quality signal allowing customers to make longer cable runs and minimize interference. KUMO routers are standalone devices and can be controlled from any computer on the network using a standard web browser; additionally, multiple KUMO routers can be controlled from a single KUMO CP on the same Ethernet network. With a forthcoming v2.0 firmware update, KUMO routers can be integrated into existing infrastructure using the industry standard Grass Valley Native Protocol over an RS-422 or Ethernet connection.

“With the KUMO 3232 we’re extending the incredible value of the KUMO family of products with a 32 input/32 output option, giving broadcasters and post professionals a great product for top quality signal routing,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems.

The KUMO 3232 will be available in in Q4 of 2012 at a US MSRP of $3495. New retail pricing for additional KUMO products are: KUMO 1604 at $1395 US MSRP, KUMO 1616 at $1995 US MSRP and the KUMO Control Panel at $595 US MSRP. New KUMO v2.0 firmware will be available in Q4 2012 at no-charge.

The company also announced Version 2.0 software for the FS2 compact 1RU dual channel universal frame synchronizer and format converter. The new upgrade adds a DVI signal scaler with region of interest (ROI) position parameters. This feature enables the user to selectively crop from the DVI-D signal source, for example a webpage viewed on a computer desktop, and scale it in real-time via a live signal output on the FS2 to standard broadcast HD via 3G/HD-SDI, Fiber or HDMI.

The Version 2.0 software will support non-broadcast digital input formats for use with the FS2’s HDMI input. This allows single-link DVI-D inputs from computer systems, for example, to be fed into the FS2 and converted to broadcast signals for use throughout a production or facility. For broadcasters and A/V installations that are dealing more and more with a mixture of broadcast and computer signals, the FS2 provides a simple solution and level of quality that ensures seamless integration. The new software also introduces a region of interest selection which, combined with advanced AJA scaling technology, allows a portion of any incoming signal to be isolated, scaled and converted all in a single FS2 unit. This is useful for extracting a particular area within the frame to allow reframing of shots or cropping of unwanted parts of the frame.

“The ability to quickly and easily scale content sourced from the web into HD broadcasts in real-time is a feature that our FS2 customers are really excited about,” said Rashby. “Both our broadcast and corporate FS2 customers require the ability to capture from their desktop feed for live scaling to HD video and we’re pleased to provide them with this feature in a free software update.”

FS2 builds on the success of AJA’s FS1 by adding dual channel features in a streamlined 1RU design at an unprecedented price point. Each FS2 video channel supports analog component or composite, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Dual-Link and HDMI I/O, as well as Optical Fiber I/O options, and each channel has its own still-store, keyer, and video proc amp/color corrector. With support for all broadcast video formats in a single converter box, FS2 makes it easy to match up disparate video and audio systems and is ideally suited for broadcast facilities, production trucks and other multi-format production environments.

The FS2 Version 2 software will be available as a free download at www.aja.com in October of 2012. FS2 is available through AJA’s reseller channel at an MSRP of $4995 US. Also available are dual fiber options for $295 US and single fiber options for $195 US, as well as Dolby E decoding for $2995 US.

Lastly, AJA Video Systems has announced several new enhancements to its Ki Pro family of tapeless video recording devices available in both portable and rack-mountable form factors. AJA is introducing a new line of USB3-enabled KiStor drives for Ki Pro and Ki Pro Rack, along with a new KiStor Dock with Thunderbolt and USB3 connectivity. The AJA Ki Pro family of products enables fast and efficient workflows that interface traditional analogue and digital acquisition formats into simple edit-ready files.

The new KiStor drives use a built-in USB3 connection in place of the previous FireWire connection allowing for faster throughput to the host computer and dramatically reducing transfer times. The new drives will be available in three capacities: 250GB, 500GB and 750GB. The 750GB drive will allow a maximum recording time of nearly 8 hours of 1080p/24 Apple ProRes 422 HQ material with 4 channels of audio or almost 13 hours of Avid DNxHD 145 quality. The KiStor Dock is an accessory for KiStor drives, making it simple to mount KiStor drives on Mac or Windows desktops or laptops and transfer files between them at high speed. The Dock uses a SATA connection internally for the KiStor drive modules, allowing compatibility with all KiStor Drives ever made and provides both Thunderbolt and USB3 connectivity to your computer. Unlike systems that use bare drives, KiStor drives are designed in a custom enclosure that ensures reliability and repeated use in the field.

“The adoption of AJA’s professional tapeless recorders, both our portable and rack-mountable Ki Pro products, continues to proliferate at a rapid pace,” said Rashby. “We designed our Ki Pro family of products to stand up to future technical and production workflow demands, and the release of our new KiStor Dock, USB3 KiStor storage modules and frequent firmware updates is evidence of that design.”

Version 4.1 firmware for Ki Pro Mini and Ki Pro Rack is also being announced. The new firmware will add time-lapse recordings for interval record, interval frames and interval time, and also new camera data menu parameter additions for ARRI Alexa cameras, Panasonic AG-AF100 series cameras and the Sony PMW-F3 camera enabling start and stop via ancillary SDI data. These new features build on the recent v4.0 firmware for Ki Pro Mini and Ki Pro Rack which introduced support for the Avid DNxHD codec, enabling recording of files at all quality levels; DNxHD 220x, DNxHD 145 and the very efficient DNxHD 36, unlike competitive products which only support a single quality level for Avid DNxHD or Apple ProRes. All Ki Pro devices also support recording to Apple ProRes 422, Proxy, LT and HQ.

The KiStor Dock will be available soon at a US MSRP of $495. New KiStor drives will also be available soon at the following price points (all US MSRP):

–KiStor USB3 750 – $495
–KiStor USB3 500 – $385 (same as the FireWire version price)
–KiStor USB3 250 – $265 (same as the FireWire version price)

All firmware updates will be available for free to existing customers directly from the AJA website.

AJA Video Systems has announced that T-TAP, its compact, lightweight HD-SDI and HDMI Thunderbolt-powered video device launched at NAB, is now shipping. AJA’s T-TAP allows video professionals to leverage the power of Thunderbolt to deliver high-quality video and embedded audio output from any compatible Mac system.

T-TAP’s simple, single Thunderbolt cable connectivity for both power and data enables easy setup for video professionals. The highly-portable device supports everything from SD to HD to 2K and muxed 3D with pristine 10-bit quality, even over HDMI, and all with 8-channel embedded audio. It also includes AJA’s renowned Mac drivers and software for integrated compatibility with major software packages from Apple, Adobe, Avid and many more.

The company has also announced new price reductions for over a dozen of its leading HD Mini-Converters, thereby making a range of its compact, high-quality, standalone conversion solutions even more accessible for production professionals. Built with the highest standards in reliability, all Mini-Converters are backed by AJA’s world-class support network and 5-year international warranty.

“AJA’s goal has always been to provide best-in-class solutions to our customers, and by introducing this price reduction we are offering high-quality products at a truly ideal price point,” said Rashby. “Our Mini-Converter line is designed and priced so that professionals will never have to compromise on their optimal production or post-production workflow.”

Lastly, AJA has announced Corvid Ultra, the latest product in AJA’s Corvid family of OEM technologies, delivering superior I/O, processing and scaling for complex, multi-format 4K/2K and HD/Dual-link/SD workflows. Corvid Ultra is part of AJA’s OEM program available to partners to incorporate into software applications or hardware systems to facilitate high-bandwidth / high frame rate performance using AJA’s proven technology.

Corvid Ultra was first previewed as a technology demonstration codenamed Riker at NAB 2011, and features support for 2K and 4K DI workflows as well as high-quality scaling capabilities for all resolutions. With support for high frame rates (48p and 60p), 4K and stereoscopic workflows, onboard debayering support and two expandable card bays, Corvid Ultra provides maximum performance for the most critical applications. Corvid Ultra works with a host computer via its incredibly fast 8-lane PCIe 2.0 interface card, which tethers to the 2RU Corvid Ultra chassis via a 3-meter high-speed PCIe cable.

Corvid Ultra’s new TruScale arbitrary scaling engine option allows high-quality up or down scaling of any raster from tiny web video up to and 4K. TruScale is real-time and keyframeable, allowing motion video to be efficiently resized while maintaining pristine image quality. It also enables many new and exciting workflows including real-time pan-and-scan of 4K to HD. Corvid Ultra can be expanded with up to two TruScale cards for multi-stream scaling of up to 4K images.

“With the rising demand in 4K filmmaking, several of our OEM partners have approached us asking about a solution to handle the incredible bandwidth required,” said Rashby. “The combination of Corvid Ultra’s TruScale arbitrary hardware scaler, support for high-framerate 2K and 4K, and the capability to process RAW camera data in real time has generated a lot of excitement from our OEM partners. We’re thrilled to see all of the new workflows the Corvid Ultra is enabling.”

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