Amber Fin unified quality control with ingest, transcoding

AmberFin hits IBC stand 7.J15 with the latest developments in its iCR file-based content ingest and transcoding system. Version 7.3 makes its debut at the show and will include features like integrated Unified Quality Control (UQC) across all of content ingest and transcoding operations.

The company says UQC enables easier and more effective decision making through a single timeline approach. Combining an automated process with a human touch, the company believes new levels of trust and confidence can be introduced to the file creation and distribution processes.

UQC features both automated and operator-controlled features for baseband and file quality control (QC) within the same user environment, leading to increased productivity and a significant reduction in the time and costs associated with re-works. Users also have the potential to create a high-quality, file-based HD/SD master, implement appropriate levels of automated and manual quality control and provide unique file conversion to multiple formats, all within a single software environment. Highest file/media quality is assured and the QC process can be automated as required, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks

“Within modern media facilities there is an overarching need to maximize the value of video content, which requires the ability to transcode to more formats and produce copies more cost-effectively,” says Bruce Devlin, Amber Fin, Chief Technology Officer. “This is our raison d’être: automating more so you work more efficiently while reducing the time and expense associated with reworks; helping media businesses to grow and adapt to meet new consumer demand; and repurposing/transcoding content to an ever growing range of new media distribution channels.”

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