AMP Visual purchases X10

In the run up to NAB, it was announced that France’s AMP VISUAL TV Group had purchased the X10, the new continuously streaming ultra-slow motion system developed by I-MOVIX. And according to the company’s Nadia Sinigaglia (pictured), interest in the new system is coming from right across the sports broadcasting spectrum.

“Since the X10 solution allows a 10 times realtime output, it is of interest for all sports where a three times normal speed capture is not sufficient. In that respect, we can observe that the use of ultra motion (ie a higher speed capture than three times normal speed) has increased in the last few years. We are convinced that the X10 solution will contribute to the development of another vision of sport, thanks to the real added value it brings to sports production and the simplicity of its use.”

That simplicity of use is one of the main reasons that AMP has bought into the concept. “The main feedback that we have had so far highlights the following aspects,” she says. “It delivers groundbreaking 300 FPS ultra slow motion in full HD; it provides images of extraordinary quality; and last, but not least, it enables an extremely simple workflow (i.e the X10 solution is used thanks to the standard EVS LSM workflow, familiar to broadcast operators), with the ability to slow down up to 10 times the action and get back to live instantly.”

Interestingly, Sinigaglia describes the motion supplied by the X10 as ‘by far the most surprising motion we’ve ever seen’, which is something to whet viewers’ appetites ahead of its presumed deployment at the Olympics. “Even at 300FPS, the X10 will be perfect for the major sports and 600FPS in 720p for the US will definitely be a superb added value for sports like baseball and American football,” she says. “We are amazed by the huge step that a 10x slow motion can supply instead of having a simple 3x camera with the same framing for European football for instance; it is promising.”

“The I-MOVIX X10 solution provides ultra-slow motion with the ease and flexibility of a traditional broadcast camera — which is essential in all shooting sessions,” adds François Valadoux, chief technical officer of the AMP VISUAL TV Group. “I-MOVIX has developed a product that is fully integrated with the OB van, with features that are fully compatible with our setup, and easy–to-use functionalities such as the new joystick-equipped control panel, the OLED viewfinder, and the return video inputs. The X10 system is also 3D-ready and equipped for other future developments.”


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