Audio for The Match up-close and personal as Woods and Mickelson are wired for sound

Turner Sports wired up Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson and their caddies at Las Vegas’s Shadow Creek Golf Course last Friday for the winner-take-all, $9 million PPV event Capital One’s The Match: Tiger vs Phil.

“I think that this [show], more than ever, is about access, and bringing the viewer closer to the two contestants, Tiger and Phil, is the key,” observed Chris Brown, director, technical operations, Turner Sports. “So how do we create an experience that allows us not to miss anything? [It’s] in 1080p HDR, and the audio complements that and makes it a more immersive and dramatic experience for the viewer.”

As part of that solution, both golfers, their caddies, and their golf bags were fitted with wireless lavalier mics intended to pick up their conversations. In addition, wireless parabolic microphones were aimed at strategic points along their paths and on tees and greens. Also, more than 40 other microphones captured environmental sound, such as wind and bird sounds, to be spread across a 5.1-surround soundscape.

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