Barnfind delivers dark fibre for Ullevål national soccer stadium in Norway

Barnfind has announced the delivery and installation of a fibre transport solution to the Norwegian national soccer stadium at Ullevål. The solution comprises different BarnOne frames and optical muxes, and was delivered to Fotball Media AS, the organisation that handles the production and distribution of national soccer in Norway.

According to Jarle Marøy of Fotball Media, Barnfind delivered an innovative system. “Not only does it perform flawlessly in operation, it also reduced the operating cost dramatically. We did not know that it was that easy to implement a solution over hired dark fibre. Having a direct line to TV Norge and the ability to receive uncompressed video from the soccer stadium is highly desirable. Even a simple BarnMini from Barnfind will do the job very cost effectively,” said Marøy.

Martin Hertzberg from OB-Team, which facilitates Fotball Media’s production, is happy with the control facilities that Barnfind offers. Hertzberg enabled Barnfind’s integration with Ross openGear/DashBoard and Fotball Media’s large Ross installation at Ullevål. “Not only has Barnfind developed a unique routing and fibre solution in BarnOne that saves power, rack space and money, but what impresses me is the quality, low latency and the flexible control opportunities,” said Hertzberg.

Jens Vik from Danmon Norge (Barnfind’s partner in Norway) was responsible for the Ullevål installation and expressed happiness with the ease of operation. Even the small BarnMini can handle SDTI signals from EVS at an affordable price, compared to others. “The easy handling of all kind of SDTI signals shows the flexibility of Barnfind,” said Vik.

Barnfind CEO Arild Skjeggerud added that EVS Product Manager Thierry Pauwels has personally tested BarnMini at the EVS R& D department in Belgium and noted that EVS will add a reference to the Barnfind units in future manuals as one of the few products that handle the whole range of SDTI from 270 Mbps to 3 Gbps.

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