Blue Lucy Media to launch MXF AS-11 plug-in, pay-per-use model for software

Blue Lucy Media will launch its MXF AS-11 plug-in that will allow producers and postproduction companies to easily create and deliver transmission-ready, MXF AS-11 standard, compliant files.

The Digital Production Partnership’s MXF AS-11 standard sets out the minimum core metadata specification for file-based contributions to UK broadcasters. Developed in conjunction with the Advanced Media Workflow Association, the vendor-neutral file format for finished material defines the essential metadata set and program segmentation information.

The BLM AS-11 plug-in is designed for use with BLM Ingest and Transcode Services and will inject producer-specific metadata into an MXF wrapper following file write or transcode. In the event that the source essence is already in the defined delivery format (IMX50 for SD and AVCi-100 for HD) the transcoder will add the AS-11 metadata to the wrapper without decompressing the source material, so the process is still in tact. The plug-in may simply be adopted into existing workflows with ease.

Blue Lucy Media CEO, Julian Wright said, “Conforming to the AS-11 specification need not be a headache for the post production industry or playout service providers and should not require dramatic changes to workflow or investment in expensive AS-11 specific products.

“Blue Lucy Media’s mission is to dramatically reduce the traditionally high costs and inefficiencies of high quality media production by implementing commodity IT-based infrastructure and adapting it to the requirements of modern media production. The AS-11 plug-in is further evidence of our commitment to this goal.”

Blue Lucy Media is also launching a pay-per-use model for all of its advanced software-based content acquisition, production tool, and content management products. BLM software is deployed on standard IT hardware at the production facility in the normal way, but operators only pay for time when the software is in active use.

Blue Lucy Media CEO Julian Wright said, “We believe that the broadcast and video production industry has not yet experienced the full benefit of cloud-based services, largely due to bandwidth/cost constraints associated with storing, moving and processing large video files.

BLM’s view is that the cloud is almost the natural place for the media asset management function and browse-based production workflow. However, many content owners prefer to store and process master content within their own facility, or at least want the option. BLM’s model provides that possibility, with the ability to store and manage selected content locally while providing the advantages of the cloud as a pay-per-use and/or pay-as-you-go service.

Wright adds, “In the context of monetizing a tape-based archive, our model is well suited. Tape-based content can be digitized as a one-time process on a pay-per-use basis, thereby minimizing the up-front capital spends. Lastly, the content is made available for purchase through a web portal.

“This model offers the fastest possible ROI and means that content owners need not defer what is becoming an ever-pressing task on the basis of hardware and software cost. Some video tape will be degrading fast and the BLM cloud-on-the-ground, pay-as-you-go model offers the opportunity to preserve the content without committing large amounts of CAPEX costs.”

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