Bosher introduces levelling system for Polecam

Pedestal Television’s engineering brand, Bosher, has announced the arrival of the new Bosher levelling system for Polecam, the single operator lightweight camera jib.

The Bosher Levelling Head BH-02 is a bespoke tripod head levelling system built for Polecam owner operators, engineered to the highest levels by film and broadcast industry-acclaimed Les & Chris Bosher.

The precise engineering of the Bosher Head provides outstanding performance, the fine friction adjustments allowing the operator to fine-tune the rig’s movement precisely.

The Polecam pan & tilt head is re-attached to the front of the rig by a bespoke quick release clamp and is levelled by a simple cable. This maintains a level horizon during even the quickest moves, and enhances stability in windy conditions and also when using the Polecam head underwater via the FishFace system.

Polecam user John Gillan remarks: “I’ve just come back from the Bahamas where I was shooting a Red Bull Ultimate Rush documentary with my Polecam. I knew that I would be set up on a cliff top with a likelihood of strong winds, always a problem for any jib or crane, so I ordered a Bosher Head system from Chris and took it with me to help stabilise the Polecam in what could be a very difficult situation. In the event there were indeed strong winds, and I’m happy to say that the system worked perfectly. It did exactly what I hoped it would do, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to shoot it so successfully without it.

“The Bosher Head system will now become part of my Polecam kit, and I have the confidence to know that I can shoot outdoors in difficult windy locations and produce stable results. Polecam is already an amazing production tool and this enhances its capabilities even further.”

The Bosher Levelling Head system is retro compatible with all existing Polecam heads including the FishFace underwater system.

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