Broadcast RF renews SVG Europe OB/SI Sponsorship to stay “at the forefront of our peers’ minds”

Broadcast RF has signed up for another year of support with SVG Europe through its OB/SI Sponsorship. The company stated the association was important to enable it to stay ahead of sports broadcast industry trends, as well as keeping the brand in its customers’ and potential customers’ minds through the strong editorial coverage that SVG Europe provides.

Chris Brandrick, Broadcast RF, Commercial Director

Broadcast RF’s commercial director, Chris Brandrick, commented: “Broadcast RF is pleased to once again confirm our support of SVG Europe with our OB/SI Sponsorship. We get a lot out of working with the editorial team at SVG Europe; thanks to their proactive attitude, our latest news and innovations get out to the sports broadcast industry in a timely way, keeping us at the forefront of our peers’ minds.

“We love the events that SVG Europe puts on,” Brandrick continued. “We are able to see what the latest trends are in this marketplace and also to see how technology is being used in this industry. It’s a great association and we are looking forward to another year working with the team!”

Broadcast RF has one operational goal; the provision of the high quality state of the art RF technology to be used in the making of television programmes covering sports, news and light entertainment events. It supplies the complete package, from its focus on strong client service, to frequency management and booking anywhere in the world.

The company’s equipment is tailored to the specific task and needs of its clients, supported by access to 24/7 technical support and our extensive range of backup equipment.

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