Broadcast RF urges industry to keep calm, stay strong, and focus on entertaining isolated sports fans

Broadcast RF covered both the Solheim Cup and PGA Championships in 2019

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Broadcast RF has stated it is important to recognise that the pandemic is probably the biggest challenge ever faced by the industry, and it is not ‘business as usual’.

Although Broadcast RF and the rest of Euro Media Group (EMG) UK is open for business, it is not quite the business we once knew.

Chris Brandrick, commercial director at Broadcast RF, told SVG Europe: “The live events and sports broadcasting industry has been demolished in a short space of time, so we must keep calm to beat this virus, then we will be back stronger, together.

“These unprecedented times call for us to stick together and save our most valuable assets, our talented team of engineers, project managers, office and admin staff and warehouse operatives,” he went on.

“Our whole operation is now working remotely to rearrange all of the events to later in the year or in some cases next year. This is our time as an industry to be as one and make it through this to come out stronger the other side. Partners, clients and competitors alike, this is the time where we need to stick together,” he said.

Broadcast RF, alongside its parent company, Euro Media Group (EMG), are looking at how best to help the sports broadcasting industry today. Brandrick said: “EMG and Broadcast RF are looking at ways our technology can lead broadcasters and production companies, who are already struggling to find content and scratching their heads wondering what to put on the telly next.”

It is time to concentrate on entertaining the millions of sports fans who are now at home, in isolation. He said: “The European population is becoming increasingly bored and need entertaining; content must be found and delivered. The trouble is that budgets have been frozen or moved. This is the perfect opportunity to let technology lead production and not the other way round,” he concluded.



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