Broadcast Solutions completes its five-version Streamline OB van family

With five different versions, Broadcast Solutions has announced the newly-completed Streamline family of OB vans. The Streamline product family consists of pre-engineered OB vans that come in five different versions: 4 to 16 cameras. All Streamlines are pre-engineered and practically ‘off-the-shelf’ OB vans that can be delivered within a short period of time and with significant cost-savings – but without compromise on technology, quality and durability.

With more than 10 years’ experience in building outside broadcast vehicles and delivering more than 300 broadcast units to customers all over the world, Broadcast Solutions has leveraged all its knowledge and expertise into the Streamline family.

Streamline OB Vans come in five different versions, fitting every broadcast environment: 4, 6, 8, 12 to 16 cameras. The S4 is the smallest version in the family with the possibility to operate up to four cameras and optional SNG. The S4 is based on a panel van with around five tons weight and can be equipped with a SNG unit that works in any common frequency band.

The S6 is a fully operational OB vehicle with the possibility to operate up to six cameras. The S6 is based on a self-drive chassis with a box body around 5 tons weight. Since the broadcast unit is integrated in a box body it can be delivered on the most common chassis.

S8 is designed as a fully operational eight camera OB Van with a box body on a self-drive chassis weighing less than 12 tons. With maximum nine comfortable workplaces and a spacious storage area the S8 offers the flexibility to work autonomously on larger productions. Due to the storage area, no additional support truck is needed. Since the broadcast unit is integrated in a box body it can be delivered on the most common chassis.

S12 comes as a full-size OB Van in a trailer with a maximum of 12 cameras and 13 workplaces. The S12 offers four separate areas, including three working areas for Production, Audio, and Engineering. The spacious storage area is unique in OBs of this size with no need for an additional support truck.

S16 is the largest version within the Streamline OB Van family and offers up to 16 cameras and 20 workplaces in a trailer. The S16 offers three comfortable working areas: Production, Audio, and Engineering.

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