Broadcast Solutions delivers two new radio OB vans to WDR

Broadcast Solutions and WDR build two new radio OB vans

Broadcast Solutions has designed and built two new radio trucks for German public broadcaster WDR, which are already in use at the company’s station in Cologne.

The two new vehicles are part of an overall package that includes a third video OB van, which complement each other by leveraging interconnectivity technology.

An essential goal of WDR was to obtain two smaller radio OB vans that offer the same functionalities and acoustic values as larger vehicles. For this purpose, Broadcast Solutions designed the OB vans as transporter-like vehicles with box bodies, weighing less than 7.5 tonnes when fully equipped.

Broadcast Solutions stated that the main challenge was planning and installing the overall acoustic insulation for the vehicles. With a lower overall weight that their larger counterparts, the insulation has to offer the same sound insulation characteristics as in larger vehicles in which a higher weight is dedicated especially to insulation.

Broadcast Solutions paid just as much attention to building the acoustic environment inside the radio trucks. The vehicles have enough storage space to carry all the necessary materials, making a support truck redundant.

The audio control uses a Lawo console (mc²56 MKIII with 48 faders) with Lawo Nova 73 core. A Riedel MicroN system is used to connect to the video truck and as a video router.

To easily connect a radio truck with a video OB van, Broadcast Solutions deployed the hi human interface control system (an in-house development) in all three trucks. Simplified and touch-based user interfaces make it easy for WDR technicians to configure a vehicle or a group of vehicles without calling on external support.

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