BroaMan provides hassle-free IBC 2017 conference transmission

While they were busy launching the new Repeat8-NANO and Mux22-Intercom devices, extending these series into different market sectors, German open standard network firm, BroaMan, was also providing a transmission system for the five day IBC Conference.

The company had initially been approached by Phil White, director of technology and events at IBC, on the recommendation of Clear-Com, with whom BroaMan enjoys a close working relationship. The organisation was pleased with the simplicity of the system, which accomplished all the features it required: transporting video, intercom and data throughout the conference venues over fibre.

Five focused streams offered unique content, covering the entire media chain from content production to distribution and the BroaMan network distributed quality signals wherever required, as technical sales manager, Maciek Janiszewski noted.

The solution provided by BroaMan was commissioned by Roy Callow, MD of main technology contractor, Outsourced Broadcast Services (OSBS). “He provided us with the technical requirements, and based on that we proposed the ideal system to meet this,” Janiszewski said. “Roy was also the main person responsible for our system during the complete conference and trade fair. He helped a lot hosting technical tours which we organised for our customers.”

Janiszewski went on to explain that in previous years IBC had used other systems and there was always a compromise. “This year all signals, even RS422 for EVS control, were transported over fibre to all conference rooms, IBC TV and main equipment room which provided content for IBC Info Channel, in a total of eight locations. This saved a lot of hassle,” he said.

To accomplish this Janiszewski, supported by BroaMan engineer Michal Micka, specified a complete BroaMan system, based around a central Route66/40, Repeat48 devices and Mux22 in the remote locations.

Summing up, Janiszewski said that initially IBC had been unaware that BroaMan could solve so many of the problems, “but once we started discussing the detailed solution they learned that this would be perfect for their needs, significantly reducing the cabling and simplifying the set up. It also made daily usage smooth and simple, offering control over IP,” concluded Janiszewski.

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