BT Sport reunites Baker and Kelly

Danny Baker and Danny Kelly – two broadcasters whose enduring association with football surely merits the term ‘iconic’ – have become the latest major names to sign with BT Sport. Set to air for the first time on 16 August – the day before the Barclays Premier League season begins – Baker and Kelly’s Vaguely Sporting Phone-Out is a new live interactive football show that will run on Friday evenings throughout 2013-14 season.

The latest product of a long-running broadcasting partnership between Baker and Kelly, the new show will run for an hour and will be broadcast from the BT Sport studios in Queen Elizabeth Park, Stratford, London. It will be co-produced by BT Sport and Campbell Davison Media, the company behind Baker’s award-winning Saturday morning BBC Radio 5live show.

Baker declares: “We intend to make all other twisted opinion shows seem as dull as egg eating contests. No wait, egg eating contests are pretty cool aren’t they? Like in Cool Hand Luke who, lest we forget, before he ate the eggs was just called Hand Luke.

“So just as I said, but forget the egg eating contest bit. Instead think ‘all other football opinion shows” That’s it. Baker & Kelly: The Best At All That Stuff. Sometimes right. Sometimes wrong. Always certain.”

Kelly adds: “Baker! Kelly! Back! Hurrah! Thrilled! Let torches be lit in the high places of the land and bunting be flown from every spire! Seriously, we’re delighted to have another crack at whatever it is that we do. Only BT Sport could combine the strategic vision, creative drive and financial muscle to make this happen. It’s even possible they won’t regret it.”

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