BVE 2013: Cel-Soft introducing Pixel-Scope, PSE-Check

One of two primary new launches from Cel-Soft due to show at BVE later this month, Pixel-Scope is a new low cost app for Windows to aid any other application, non-linear editor or colour-grading kit. It provides detailed colour analysis and image inspection to any part of the target application output display by opening a sampling region and analysing the active pixels it finds. The sampled region can also be magnified on a sliding zoom for close visual inspection.

Pixel colours can be reported in real-time as numerical values and words, while actual hues are also viewable as RAL or Pantone colour values. They can be read in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and other western-alphabet languages. Colour matching tools aid the user across any media window used, including still photos, documents and live video.

Cel-Soft will also use the BVE showcase to introduce PSE-Check for low-cost photo-sensitive epilepsy testing and certification. The program allows testing of live video or file-based content in SD, HD or 2K to the Ofcom flashing rules and the EBU REC BT.1702 recommendations. As well as providing certification facilities, PSE-Check can generate detailed report frames to show which parts of any offending sequence exceeds rulebook figures. Remedial action can then be taken during editing to make sure the tested programme is fit for broadcast.

Additionally, Cel-Soft will also be demonstrating new features for its Reel-Cheek Solo fine analyser, and giving the UK exhibition debut for the Broad-Server rack-mounted PC.

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