Cloudbass leans on RTS communications for new double expanding CBOB1 trailer

Cloudbass is one of the largest OB providers in the UK. With clients such as Sky, BTSport, ITV, IMG and BBC, the company’s customer base has greatly expanded during the last two years. To cover its increasing number of clients, Cloudbass recently invested in its new flagship OB truck: CBOB1.

The double expanding trailer offers 24 cameras, is HD-capable and currently in use for the broadcast of sports events such as the British Touring Car Championship for ITV, Scottish Premiere League for Sky as well as for BBC’s current affairs debate programme Question Time.

As in its existing fleet, leading-edge equipment ensures flawless operations inside the 17.3 x 5.7 metre CBOB1 truck. For communication, Cloudbass relies on a system from RTS. “The most important thing when it comes to communications is a system that is reliable, easy-to-use and that our team is confident in using,” said Sean Kenny, Head of Sound at Cloudbass. “When it comes to live TV, you need to meet the clients’ needs rapidly and respond quickly.”

To ensure this, Kenny and his team rely on an RTS Advanced Digital Audio Matrix (ADAM). This flagship of the RTS intercom matrix range has a capacity of up to 464 ports and is equipped with redundant power supplies and controllers, and an integrated MCII-e controller allows the simultaneous operation of up to 32 parallel AZEdit clients via Ethernet and/or RS-232/485.

Linked to the matrix are six black KP-32 keypanels featuring bright, fluorescent displays with the twelve respectively 32 lever keys of each keypanel support both latching (hands-free) and momentary (push-to-talk) operation as well as eleven MCP-90-12 12’’ gooseneck microphones.

Rounding off the system are five interfaces: two CSI-200 bidirectional two-channel coaxial interfaces, two DSI-2008 dual digital interfaces providing two party-line channels to two four-wire channels as well as a LCP-102 source assign panel for channel assignment of six channels to twelve TW positions. A TBX-TriBus triple-bus expander card kit enables a connection of the CBOB1 with other trucks via TriBus to become one big Intercom system.

“In addition to the reliability and support we receive from RTS, the ability to trunk systems together is a huge advantage as it enables us to do bigger jobs,” said Kenny. “A case in point is the British Touring Car Championships. Here, we have one truck that covers the race, and the other truck is responsible for the presentations. A great job, which we have been able to realise thanks to RTS intercoms.”

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