Cobalt Digital intros loudness kit and more

Cobalt Digital has big plans for IBC, including technology demonstrations of loudness processing over IP, the debut of its 9257 1×9 MADI card-based audio distribution amplifier, introduction of the +LM virtual loudness metering options, and a new MPEG-4 signal delivery source.

The company also plans to introduce the European market to solutions and enhancements to their Fusion3G and COMPASS series of multi-functional, multi-featured cards.  The ranges offer solutions to all of today’s signal processing challenges, including loudness processing, audio loudness metering, Dolby encode and decode (and Dolby Digital Plus), colour correction, fibre transmit and receive, and up/down/cross conversion. Fusion3G and COMPASS support openGear, an open-architecture platform that handles 3G/HD/SD video and audio processing cards from multiple manufacturers in the same frame.

And for the first time, Cobalt Digital will present a technology demonstration of 5.1 and stereo loudness processing over IP. This technology, using the Linear Acoustic AEROMAX technology, will provide the answer to cost effective, multi-channel loudness processing, all within the openGear frame.

Also look for the new 9257 1X9 MADI audio distribution amplifier, a new card-based solution developed for openGear that provides a quick and easy way to transport audio between vehicles without the need for fibre and without degradation.  This card allows multiple signal copies to be reclocked, thereby preserving signal integrity and enabling a longer cable run. Up to 20 input channels of the scalable DA can be installed in one frame, making it ideal for the limited space available in trucks.

And Cobalt’s +LM loudness metering option, available with Cobalt’s OGCP-9000 remote control panel or alternately as a virtual panel application on PC, will be introduced.  The control panel and/or PC can be located anywhere in the plant or as a remote with a LAN/WAN connection and operated directly from cards to an LCD monitor where any number of cards/streams can be monitored and controlled from one point. Connections to additional cards/signal streams are easily added at anytime and full signal analysis and loudness status logging is available anywhere on the network.

Also look for a new dual-channel 3G/HD/SD MPEG-4 encoder as the 9223 openGear card provides a solution for distribution MPEG-4 encoding. Using the openGear open architecture platform, the 9223 offers a Dashboard setup and control operator interface. Up to 10 9223 cards can be installed into a single 8321 frame, offering delivery of up to 20 individual or simulcast channels from that one frame.

Cobalt has also made Dolby transcoding available on all their Fusion3G cards. The enhancement will allow a Dolby E stream to be decoded to baseband (and channel-swapped or optionally loudness-processed) and then re-encoded into Dolby Digital or Digital Plus on the same card. EAS Audio Ducking is also now available on all Fusion3G cards via input mixing that allows the set up of ducked mixing 5.1 or stereo program audio and EAS audio.

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