CTV OB 11 on the road with Axon Cerebrum

CTV’s new 4K-capable OB11 truck, commissioned to work on a recently renewed cricket contract with Sky Sports, supports 28 cameras and can accommodate 34 production staff. The 3Gbps unit is supported by Axon’s Cerebrum monitoring and control software and its Synapse signal processing equipment.

One of the Synapse modules in use is the GDV080, a 3Gbps monitoring distribution amplifier with down converted SD or analogue video outputs. In case CTV should have a requirement for 4K production, Axon can provide 4K up and down converters which fit in the same form factor as the 3GB/s modules.

The control and monitoring of the Sony production switcher, Imagine Communications router, Calrec audio console, RTS/Telex intercom and the Synapse modules is done through Axon’s Cerebrum monitoring and control software. Launched at IBC2013, Cerebrum provides tools to configure, control, monitor and maintain products from any manufacturer within and beyond the broadcasting industry. It is one interface to control many devices.

OB3, another addition to CTV’s fleet used for Match of the Day, has also been equipped with Cerebrum.

“CTV chose Cerebrum as we wanted to develop a fully functional and versatile ground up control system with a trusted partner for our state of the art flagship unit, OB11”, said Hamish Greig, CTV Technical Director.

“Another major win for Cerebrum in an OB van and we are very pleased that CTV has chosen us for such a prestigious project,” said Harry Kanters, Axon VP of Marketing & Sales.

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