Cybersecurity: People, not technology, to blame for data breaches

Production companies and broadcasters are at increasing risk from data breaches in the digital age but, more often than not, it is people and not technology that causes the problems.

It is an argument supported by Imagen, the content distribution and MAM company that has recently compiled a guide on how to safely store, share and distribute digital media.

Imagen argues that although media companies, including sports producers and distributors, understand the need for security systems that allow them to move their content and data safely, “it is often haste and a lack of adherence to a protocol by employees that can cause the most damage in the workplace.”

Valuable or sensitive content being placed in the wrong hands can impact on revenue, unsettle corporate relationships, disrupt negotiations, cause embarrassment and potentially damage a brand, it suggests.

“For years, the media industry has largely avoided the risks around the corruption and leakage of content by working on tapes,” said Imagen vice president of marketing Ian Mottashed. 

“Today’s digital files are now easy to copy, intercept and manipulate. It is time for media companies to realise they are as vulnerable as everyone else to attacks from cybercriminals and are at risk of suffering financial loss or irreparable damage to their reputation if they fail to properly protect their content and address the security flaws in their production and distribution chain.”

Imagen’s guide to protecting digital content is available on its website:

Cambridge and London-based Imagen develops systems that help sports organisations, producers and broadcasters, and other media companies, manage and distribute their media libraries. 


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